Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: More on Jim’s death…. Photo with Melinda Grieving, Jim as a Ghost

Latest Updates: Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Alive? & Previews: “Heart & Soul” & “Threshold”

Update: I was able to view some pages of the “Threshold” script, where Jim TRULY DIES. If you want to know more how Jim died, and who was involved in his death and how this IS not the last of Jim, he will appear into February sweeps at least…. READ ON FOR MAJOR SPOILERS

Nov. 7: Ghost Whisperer Melinda “confronts major personal changes.” — TV Guide

Melinda Copes with the Sudden Loss of Someone Closest to Her on “Ghost Whisperer”


4×07 AFTER JIM DIES! spoiler pic —

4x07 AFTER JIM DIES! spoiler pic


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  1. Where did you read the script to this episode at? If you don’t mind sharing your resources.

  2. Sam

     /  October 28, 2008

    My wife and I used to watch this show. In my opinion, I think this killing off of Jim is clearly a “Jumping the Shark” Moment for this show. Haven’t watched this show from the beginning of this season. I think I’ll just forget about it. If it turns out interesting later, we’ll have to catch up via DVR or the like.

  3. Paula

     /  October 28, 2008

    If it is true what is being said in the spoilers then a major mistake has been made which is going to cost a loss of many, many viewers and the end result will end up being the cancellation of this show, which I have been watching from the very beginning and have been enjoying it. Killing off “Jim” is going to be a big mistake. Melinda’s marriage and relationship with Jim is a very important and key part of this show.
    I would be very careful and put more thought into this idea and come up with another story line because if you don’t it will mean the end of the show!

  4. Tina Rhodes

     /  October 30, 2008

    If they kill off Jim then I am finished. I love him in the show and his and Melinda’s relationship is such a big part of it. First Professor Payne leaves and now this. I will not watch again and I have watched from the very first episode.

  5. Annie

     /  October 31, 2008

    I agree with Tina! If they kill off Jim, I’m done too. I won’t watch again and I, too, have watched from day one! He adds so much to the show and I love the way the two of them interact! Big mistake if this is what they do…

  6. Crystal

     /  October 31, 2008

    All I can say if Jim dies I will be pissed!! I agree with everyone on here. Their relationship is a big part of the show and it will be so dumb to kill him off.

  7. Cindy

     /  October 31, 2008

    I also love this show and will be disappointed if Jim is dead. It won’t be the same even if he stays as a ghost. I also do not like the addition of Jamie Kennedy. He’s terrible and has no chemistry with Melinda. He’s a poor replacement for Jay Mohr who’s character was great with Melinda.

  8. Lessa

     /  November 1, 2008

    I too have watched every single episode since the series started. It HAS been one of only a few must watch programs. I heard a rumor (last week) that Jim was supposed to die. I didn’t watch last night, and now that the rumor is confirmed, I’m not watching again. Their relationship is as important to this story as the ghosts are. Sometimes there are characters that are just too integral to the premise of the show to loose. Jim is one of those. Loosing Jay Mohr takes away even more. Why do they always have to mess with a winning combo? Stupid!!

    This is the second CBS show this year that I’m calling quits on. When William Peterson leaves CSI later this season it will be my last episode of that series too.

  9. siennitaa18

     /  November 1, 2008

    I really hope some rumors about jim being in a coma and helping out melinda is true because if he’s going to die i mean that would be veeery disapointing i say that just not to say anything else but that is what makes this show so amazing, i loove melinda she a great actress and she’s perfect for the show but so is jim the 2 of them 2gether make this tv show extremely great i mean there’s no words, u say the realationship is 2 perfect well its not perfect each of them have there own things and many times the whole ghost thing really bugs jim the great thing is how they still work it out which is realistic to few people but i mean i cant even explain in words how great the show is with the both of them 2gether in the show, if i dont stop now then i wont ever stop blaberin lol but yeah if jim is gone 4 sure i can 4 sure tell you ghost whisperer will not be the same and will loose alot of fans!
    i can completely understand him dying and maybe being in a coma and melinda being able to see he’s ghost and helping eachother out, but the moment jim walks into the light and is gone i mean seriously who is going to want to see something soo disapointing i mean u guys have always put in melindas lines to always have faith but if he leaves what will you be showing to have faith about???
    well hopefully ghost whisperer has a good ending with jim and melinda ALWAYS 2gether ALIVE ….please keep them 2gether melinda and jim put the fire in it, i mean both melinda and jim are hott i couldnt imagine them with anyone else other then eachother there great 2gether dont screw that up give people that kind of faith and hopes that love like that does exist dont screw it up PLEASE !!!
    if you want to change something i mean idk change something about the ghost make it so that melinda can do more and hopefully melinda does come out 2 be pregnant i’m sure everyone is seriously curious on how the baby would come out with powers or not?
    especially the baby being jim’s i mean other then that you know how would jim react when he finds out the girl or boy does see ghost, can he handel 2 people with that and not being able to do much?
    but yeah please keep jim and melinda 2gether!!!

  10. Linda

     /  November 6, 2008

    I agree if they kill off Jim I will not watch the show. I have been watching it from day one and will be really pissed off if they do that. He is Melinda’s rock and she has already lost her best freind and father. I think that is enough and if they kill Jim off this show is going to be ruined. After losing Jay the show has already slipped but if they kill off Jim then the show has lost all the meaning of it. Keep Jim otherwise you are going to lose a bunch of views!!!

  11. Ed

     /  November 7, 2008

    Amen, I’ve watched every season and when Andrea died off I was so frustrated with the show and ended with watching the 2nd part of the plane crash in the town. And decided to continue watching Ghost Whisperer clear through that season. Now if Jim is going to haunt other human beings by taking over their bodies, I think I will be through with this series. Sorry Melinda, but that’s just the way that I feel.

  12. zena

     /  November 7, 2008


  13. Janae

     /  November 7, 2008

    They did it, it seems. Killed off a good guy, why?

    To teach us to never hope for real love because it will just be taken away!

    Way to go… you just broke the hearts of SO many great people and told them it’s better to never hope for anything good because you know what??

    If you don’t get your hopes up, you don’t have as far to fall when they’re crushed by cruel tv show producers.

    Shame on you for this to your loyal and caring fans! :”(

  14. This is just too much. I have always loved Ghost Whisperer and this is just TOO MUCH! Melinda has done nothing but good, helping the ones still alive and the ones that passed on to go to the light thereby helping the both of them find peace. Now Jim has to die? Okay, sure Melinda will be able to see him, duh… But for how long? Until he too has to leave Melinda and go into the light? Why not just rip her heart out and let her die slowly bleeding out slowly but fatally? THIS IS TOO MUCH. Sorry script writers but this is a dumb move. NO, it is NOT romantic!!! Sure to people that have not gone through something similar it seems so pure and romantic that he will still be with her because she can see the dead… But IT IS NOT THE SAME!!! I lost my love when I was 23. I am 40 now. Do you think the pain has lessened? NO!!! Do I still miss him? YES!!! Do tears help? No. Does it help that he has gone into the light? No. Do I understand that he had to? Of course… But all that will never make up for the hole in my heart that I had to live with every day of my life now… He was to me like Jim is to Melinda… Do the writers even know how much it hurts??? I am so sad, upset and dumbfounded that Ghost Whisperer could turn into something lame like this. Please don’t do this to Melinda. Enough is enough.

  15. Carrie

     /  November 7, 2008

    I don’t think its a bad thing at all. At least they are doing something with his character which doesn’t consist of “yes dear, go chase some more ghosts, I support you”. His character is the same thing over and over and over again. Maybe now he can do something other than sitting by watching his wife do all the work. And who knows, they have been trying to get pregnant for a few eps now maybe they succeeded at the cabin.

  16. Rikki

     /  November 7, 2008

    I am also really upset if it is true that Jim died, but Carrie does have a really good point. All Jim has ever done has been supporting Melinda, so maybe it is time for him to have some more part in the storyline.

  17. Paula

     /  November 7, 2008

    I am with everyone else – my 12 year old daughter and I have not missed one episode. We have watched every one since the very first one. We were very disappointed when Andrea died. They replaced original Ned mid stream last season – Then Jim Mohr left the show to pursue “Gary Unmarried” (by the way great show). Added Jamie Kennedy – who really doesn’t seem to be a good fit (at least not yet?). And now they Kill of Jim.

    I will give this a few more episodes – but I think my daughter and I are losing our interest. The writers and producers had a good thing —- BOY —- did they screw it up!!!!

    James Van Praagh, are you not one of the writers? Did you not foresee what a mistake this would be?????????

  18. Margo

     /  November 8, 2008

    I am devastated!!! I am mad and I dont think I want to watch anymore. I loved his character and her. Whether he was boring or not it gave me so much joy to see that show. They were perfect together and now I have to tell you I am done and I will not be watching. :(:(:( In my opinion they ruined the show.

  19. Lori

     /  November 8, 2008

    I had no idea Jim was going to die what are they thinking Melinda without Jim won’t work and I for one will not watch the show any longer if they really plan on killing him off. I thought Jay Mohr leaving the show was the biggest mistake but I was wrong Jim leaving the show is the biggest mistae and I think you’ll lose a lot of views over this. So I hope this s a dream or something. BRING JIM BACK!!!!!!

  20. Jeanne

     /  November 8, 2008

    I AM SO PIST!!!! I wanted one show out there to show pure love with no sexual imorrality and genuine love for one another. I wanted one show to have a baby come into a loving family with a GREAT MOM AND DAD! I can’t believe this one show that showed love in such a beutiful way had done this!!! I see enough single mom’s trying to make it blah blah blah…. can’t we see something beautiful!?! I will never watch this show again, it is the same old same old now. I want to see the pillow talk, the hugs and tears, the love that he has in his eyes when he talks to her….. it makes me hug my own husband and adore him!

    Thanks alot for taking that away and making this just another drama, I can watch Criminal Minds for a single mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Rosaria

     /  November 9, 2008

    I love this show.
    Hope he doesn’t die though lol

  22. etbcoop

     /  November 9, 2008

    I really like the cast but the concept is to far fetched for me!


  23. Ishaa

     /  November 10, 2008

    I guess the twist is that Jim’s spirit will enter a dead man…i am guessing sam!
    So everyone else will ’see’ Sam but Mel will ’see’ Jim
    So there you have it!

  24. it all done for me if Jim is gone I am too so much for seeing the future you misread this one altogether way to wreck a great show Who wants to look at a skinny geek pretending to be Jim he is a good actor — once more no Jim No Me —

  25. Patti

     /  November 11, 2008

    I am NOT happy! If Jim is dead, I won’t cointinue to watch the show, it’s getting a little cheesy.

  26. Is Jim character going 2 be killed off in Ghost Whisperer??? I heard that they going 2 kill Jim Character off in the programme, I hope 2 God that this just a rumour and it’s not true. But if the rumour was 2 be true, I think the producer of the show should rethink the idea on what they are doing and don’t do it, only unless that the actor that plays the character called Jim, decides 2 leave the programme for other career opportunities or 4 any other reasons apart from acting. Because Jim’s Character is just a big part of the show as much as Melinda’s because he is her husband after all, that really loves her and supports her in her personal life, when he’s gone 4 good physically from the show who does Melinda has 2 come home too, to love and support her character in her personal life. Jim Character should stay as long as the hit t.v programme lasts, so he can be Melinda love of her life 4ever and be the only father of there future children, so he can continue 2 support her character. If Jim gone out of Melinda’s life 4ever what does the show have, because it is not going 2 be the same has it used 2 be. If Jim goes, it could cause ratings 2 fall dramatically!!! I think the fans of the show should draw a petition 2 stop Jim character from getting Killed off in Ghost Whisperer and hint there reasons why, and it should be given 2 the producers of the hit show so they can rethink the idea of their decision regarding the present future of Jim character!!!

  27. I do love watching ghostwhisperers, It’s become one of my favourite supernatural fantasy t.v series of this 21st century, but if they ever kill of Jim character 4 good in the show, I will never ever watch the show ever again. Because the show will never be the same like it used 2 be, especially when a good popular character that is so well-loved with the viewers like Jim character, gets killed off, how can the programme be ever be the same again. I would not be so surprised if Jim Character get killed off, the producers help kill viewers ratings also!

  28. lenny

     /  November 14, 2008

    Is Jim getting killed off or Not coz i read a statement saying that he isnt getting killed off and that there would be some nice surprises in store for Melinda and Jim, I presume they mean a Baby. It will be crap if he is killed off. Took long enough to get used to Andrea not being in it. then i hear Paynes not in it now either. Ive bought all the box sets so far and share the same views as most comments ive seen “KILL JIM OFF” and they will loose alot of followers. The statement said the guy who plays Jim – Conrad was not leaving the show but didnt say they werent goin to kill him off. If he remains in it as a spirit it would be crap- the whole idea of Melinda is that she crosses over spirits- what good is it if she has to cross Jim over. Total Rubbish. Cant wait to buy box set 4 but ill be long time waiting to buy it. Viewer in Ireland!!!!

  29. Sandra

     /  November 14, 2008

    Oh man alot of people are ticked off because her hubby was killed off, so please don’t kill him off alot of my friends said they would boycott the show if he was killed off. He belongs in the show with her. Pleaseeeeeee keep him on.

  30. Laura

     /  November 17, 2008

    All I have got to say is this better be a night mare Melinda is having, If it is a fact and he is gone I am done with this show!

    More then one show has lost the viewers by this kind of stupid stunt!

  31. I am so upset that Jim died. At first you took Profressor Payne from me and now Jim. I love Jim and Melinda. They are the most romantic couple and I cried like a baby when he died. If you want to keep him as the other body okay just let him remember Melinda.

  32. peggy

     /  November 20, 2008

    saw last weeks show where he went into the body of another man is he going to look like jim or theothr guy???

  33. susan

     /  December 20, 2008

    That’s it. I’m done. I’ve followed this show from the very beginning, despite all the critical comments. I stuck with it through the Andrea debacle, but I have my limits. TaTa Ghost Whisperer. I officially boycott your existence. Killing off the best actor & character in the show was the coup de grace.

  34. oshky

     /  February 11, 2009

    When they killed Andrea they pissed off the serie. She was vital part of this drama. 😦 What happened to the writers! Are they dead????

    The Andrea Debacle!!!

  35. Clara

     /  February 17, 2009

    When I first saw the episode where Jim died, I was devistated. I thought that it was the stupidest thing the writers, producers, etc could have done. After that, when he went into Sam’s body, got amnesia, etc… I started to rethink it because since then, the ratings and viewings have gone up and they’ve done really well. Yes, I do miss Jim and I do think that Sam will regain Jim’s memory eventually with time. As of now, I think that it was a very good strategic move on the show’s part. I feel more intreaged to watch the show now then I thought I would. I like what they’ve done with it and I think that it has only made the show better.

    On another note, I really miss Jay on the show. He seemed to bring a very well done comedic point to the show. Although, I must say that I love Gary Unmarried-great show. Jamie Kennedy as an addition to the Ghost Whisperer cast this year was a good move, in my opinion at least. Jamie doesn’t quite fill the gap of Jay on the show but he brings on his own enlightenment and comedy and also seriousness when needed. At first the character of Eli striked me as an odd annoying person who was only there to fill the gap of our beloved Jay, but now I have taken quite a liking to him and unlike Jay’s character of Rick, who was constantly flirting with Melinda and hitting on her-the only thing that bugged me about him…, which annoyed me quite extensively, Eli is trying to help Melinda piece her love life back together. He isn’t the annoying little tag-along that I imagined him to be, he’s actually quite a great character.

    I think that replacing Ned with Christoph Sanders was a good thing as well. He and Cameron work very well together, love them! And as for Cameron, Delia’s character has always been on my favourite list. She’s a really good friend to Melinda and tries to understand what Melinda goes through on a daily basis even if she doesn’t fully get it. She is very supportive of Melinda while trying to keep her cynicalness at bay.

    That’s about it for now, I can’t wait for episode sixteen “Ghost Busted”. Great job so far Ghost Whisperer, you’re doing amazing so far, keep it up!

    Clara ❤

  36. Clara

     /  February 17, 2009

    Oh, and I forgot one thing. I do like Delia on the show, but Andrea will never be replaced. She has always been my favourite of Melinda’s friends. Aisha was stunning and amazing for the one season and a bit that she was on that show When they killed her off I cried…yes, I’m very emotional…get over it :P. She was a great addition to the show and won’t ever be forgotten. I wish they’d known about possession when Andrea died…although, I don’t think the show would be where it stands today if that was the case. I miss her a lot but the show’s done well with Cameron 🙂

  37. John

     /  March 19, 2009

    Maybe Prof, Payne will come back and end up with Melinda. or they keep Jim in the show as a ghost to help Melinda out. My daughters say they will no longer watch the show if he leaves.

    If i was Jim i would head to heaven and hang out with Andrea. 🙂 🙂

  38. Has David Conrad really left the series

  39. kirsty

     /  May 21, 2009

    People if you look , it said Eposoide airs in 2008
    it 2009

  40. rebecca

     /  June 21, 2009

    ive just cried my eyes out please dont tel me jim dies n he is gonna wake up soon???

  41. Regitze

     /  July 14, 2009

    Yeah it maybe on air in 2008 but like here in Denmark we have just begun on the 3rd season.

  42. penny

     /  August 20, 2011

    i agreed with so many here. i remember balling over jims death. then i got so ticked off and said thats it for me…i am done watching this show

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