Privileged Spoilers! Megan-Will Coupling!

Joanna Garcia told Kristin at E!Online: “Megan’s love life rounds out a little bit, and I get a little taste of the billionaire lifestyle.” As for the series pickup, Joanna’s trying to get it done: “I’ve already emailed Les Moonves, and I’m not lying about that. I’m like, ‘Hey remember me? Come pick up our show!’ ” Yo, Les, listen to the girl! — Kristin at E!Online
Brianhallisay While I love Charlie’s character, I don’t think I want him and Megan to end up together. I’d prefer that her and Will end up together. I love that they are opposites in so many ways and I think their relationship will chill her out a little bit and make him grow up.
Well, Manda, you’ll be happy to hear that the wait for a Megan-Will hook up won’t be long. Word is, the two will be double dating with Charlie and Mandy before the holidays roll around.

Allanlouis Privileged Help: Though Privileged‘s back nine has not yet been ordered, rumor has it the network will give them a full season. That is very good news for the show’s resident chef/butler, Marco. Exec producer Rina Mimoun tells Korbi at they have plans to fully flesh out his character later in the year. We’ll eventually meet his boyfriend and see how that relationship affects the Baker family. — Korbi at

Samantha Who? Spoilers

Christina Applegate, Barry Watson, Samantha Who?

ABC/ Karen Neal

Sam becomes a real-estate agent, leading her to meet and charm the pants off (literally) of Owen (James Tupper), a potential buyer. So Todd (Barry Watson) is out of the picture for now. And we’ll finally see a nice side to Andrea, when she goes on a date with Todd’s friend Seth. — Kristin at E!Online

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: “Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe”

Chadmichaelmurray_onetreehill_s5_24Lucas takes center stage tonight as he is approached by a producer who wants to option the film rights to his first book, An Unkindness of Ravens. He’s worried about the personal nature of the book and the fact that he wouldn’t be able to control a film version, which is totally a valid concern because book writers don’t always get any say in how their book is translated to screen. The producer shows up in Tree Hill and it’s totally John from Cincinnati, so Luke should start worrying right away because that cat is weird.

Anywho, his name is Julian Baker and all he wants is to show Lucas how excited he is about turning his book into a movie. Luke is pretty much on board right away and it takes a heart-to-heart with Nathan for Lucas to realize that he needs to get both Peyton and Brooke’s approval for the movie to go forward. Peyton is excited and Brooke agrees, talking about “epic” love stories and their inevitability and I missed the rest because I blacked out like I do every time someone who isn’t Logan Echolls says the word epic in reference to romance. Luke is reassured when Julian tells him he wants him to write the screenplay himself, and entices Luke with fancy Hollywood money and creative control. Unless this is an indie feature I doubt Lucas would have any kind of control and indie features don’t pay the kind of money Julian is talking, so this is all sort of ridiculous. He even brings a contract with him for Lucas to sign with no lawyers involved, which would never happen! But this is Tree Hill, not the real world…..

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Heros Episode Recap

Sylar We join Hiro, Ando and Usutu in Africa. Ando is imploring Hiro to travel back in time to find out how to kill the villains.  tells them that evil forces are gathering and dark powers are rising and Hiro must choose his path.

Brundle Lab. Nathan and Tracy confront Suresh, but he breaks Maya out of her sticky web of grossness and flies off into the night. This is the last we see of Nathan and Tracy for the next 30 minutes. I like to think they were having cold sex.

Peter lays in a room at Pinehearst in a coma and dreams/flashes back to his father’s funeral.  When he awakens, his father is there and Peter is handcuffed to a bed. Papa Petrelli tells Peter his abilities are gone forever. Papa says is working for the greater good and that Peter should join him. Peter vows to make him pay, but Arthur just leaves him there, handcuffed to the bed….. Continue reading »

Pushing Daisies Spoilers! Chuck’s Dad

Pushing Daisies: Ed and Lost Star Is Chuck’s Dad!

Thos Robinson/Getty Images, AP Photo/Matt Sayles, Joe Kohen/Getty images

Josh Randall, Anna Friel, Lee Pace

He’s aliiiiiiive! Chuck’s daddy, that is. And, well, perhaps “undead” is the more appropriate term.

Warner Brothers Studios and executive producer Bryan Fuller confirm to me exclusively that Josh Randall—who played Ed’s BFF Mike on Ed and Nathan on Lost (the tailie who was offed by Goodwin)—will play the long-awaited role of Chuck’s father, Charles Charles, on ABC’s fantastic dramedy Pushing Daisies. (Keep reading for an exclusive sneak peek of his “invisible” new look on the show.)

Josh first appears in episodes eight and nine, “Comfort Food” and “Lighthouse,” and that he may very well return for more episodes after that…..

Warner Bros. Television

Charles Charles, Pushing Daisies

Meanwhile, as you may remember, Ned’s (Lee Pace) power accidentally killed Chuck’s (Anna Friel) dad many years ago, so what the bejeezus is he doing back on the show?

According to sources, Ned undeads Charles to help Chuck solve some mysteries from her past, but Chuck doesn’t want just one measley minute with her late father, so she just might step in the way of Chuck redeading daddy dearest…

Now, alive though he will be, Chuck’s dad has been mouldering in the grave ever since the fine print of Ned’s power killed him. As such, what with the 20-plus years of decay under his belt, Charles Charles’ looks aren’t what they used to be. I’m told the character starts off bandaged up like a mummy—an homage to the Invisible Man (see photo above)—but once the wrap is removed, Josh Randall will appear!

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: November Sweeps & Melissa George Interview

Episodes 5.06: Life During Wartime October 30, 2008

To help Bailey become the best general surgeon at Seattle Grace, the Chief gives her new power, new responsibility, and the challenge of removing a young girl’s inoperable tumor, as the new head of trauma, Owen Hunt, challenges both the attending doctor’s methods and the residents’ surgical abilities. Guest Starring are Kevin McKidd as Owen, Scott Haven as Randy, Lauri Johnson as Grandma Ruth, Brandon Scott as Intern Ryan. Source: ABC

Episodes 5.07: Rise Up  November 6, 2008

The Chief announces to the residents that a solo surgery will be awarded, and the news sends them into a competitive frenzy. Meanwhile Derek turns to Bailey for advice when he feels Cristina is interfering in his relationship with Meredith, and Erica discovers a shocking connection between one of her surgical residents and a longtime patient. — Source: ABC

Episodes 5.08: These Ties That Bind  November 13, 2008

One of Meredith’s oldest friends, Sadie, becomes an intern at Seattle Grace, but Mer’s friends are less-than-welcoming to her; Lexie leads her fellow interns in secretive, unorthodox surgical training sessions; and a new surgeon, Harriet Dixon, brings rules and order to the OR. — Source: ABC

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoiler: Mer’s Bisexual BFF Declares, “Something Did Happen”

Oct 27, 2008, by Michael Ausiello

Melissageorge_lCircle Nov. 13 on your calendar. That’s the day Alias‘ Melissa George debuts as Grey’s Anatomy‘s newest intern, Sadie. This is noteworthy for several reasons: First off, it’s Melissa George. Duh. Second, she’s Mer’s best friend in the whole world. And last, she’s part of a new breed of extremely hot, young professional females on TV who like to have sex with men and women. The big question, of course, is whether those last two things (Sadie’s bisexuality and Mer) ever intersected.

AUSIELLO: Tell me about Sadie.
I’m dying to find out more about her because her behavior is so interesting. She’s a girl that walks on the wild side. She’s very close with Meredith; they were best friends. They traveled around the world together. And when Meredith went to work at Seattle Grace, Sadie went to work at a morgue. I’m dying to know why she behaves so recklessly. Anyone who behaves like that has to have a lot of issues.

For the record, is she bisexual or a lesbian?
She just takes anything — whatever walks in front of her. [Laughs] If it’s a male, she’ll go for it. If it’s a female, she’ll go for it. She doesn’t think attraction should be [limited] by gender. I sort of look at people and go, “Wow, how do you live like that?” But she seems to get a thrill out of shocking people.

The obvious question: Did Mer and Sadie “experiment” back in the day?
We don’t know. But that’s what’s so intriguing: What happened between these two? It’s brought up a lot [on the show], but we’ve never revealed what happened.

But something happened.
I think so. There’s a lot of [Mer-Sadie] dialogue like “Don’t tell them what happened!” So, something did happen, but I’m not sure what.They obviously traveled together and were very close. Did they date? Did they not? Did something major happen to them that they swore they’d never discuss? It could be anything.

How long are you committed to the show for?
I’m here for a while. I’m sort of playing it by ear. I’d love to stay as long as possible. I’m shooting my fourth one this week, and I don’t think it’s stopping.

Conventional Grey’s wisdom has you gravitating toward one of Seattle Grace’s other two bisexual docs, Callie or Erica. Do you know which one it’ll be?
They haven’t told me, and I’ve been asking them every day, “Which one am I going to be making out with?” Or not! It could be one of the guys. I just said yes to Grey’s Anatomy, the greatest show on TV. I didn’t say, “What do I have to do?” So I’m sort of looking around going, “Which one is going to be my girl or my guy?”

Last season at this time, there were no bisexual characters on Grey’s. Now there are at least three. Is there something in the water at Seattle Grace?
I’m not sure. Maybe they’re not getting the right victims coming through the door so they’re bored. [Laughs] Bisexuality exists. It’s common. I guess they’re experimenting with it.

Chuck Episode Recap


Chuck is shocked when he flashes on a top-secret bad guy, only to discover he’s looking for Jeff. Jeff? “Nerd Herd creepy serial killer Jeff?” Thank you for the spiffy (and accurate) description, Ellie, and yes — that Jeff.

Back in the day, Jeff was the all-time world champion at Missile Command. He got the fame, he got the glory, he got the $100 in quarters, he got the year’s supply of Slim Jims. But alas, early-80s video game heroics don’t translate into paychecks, so now he’s wallowing in his own filth in the Buy More….Continue reading »

New Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Sweeps Scoop!

Major Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Mike-Katherine Affair, Porter & Gail O’Grady & more!

Fairview Fire Starter: As I’m sure you’ve already heard, Wisteria Lane will go up in flames this November, and I’m now being told that a neighborhood man we already know will be the authorities’ prime suspect. — Korbi at

The question should be: Does the cougar belong to Tom (Doug Savant)? Felicity Huffman dished, “Tom’s going through a midlife crisis, and Lynette thinks the midlife crisis is going to end with a 25-year-old named Bunny and a divorce. So when we find out that the love interest is not Tom’s but one of our sons’, I think there’s a moment of, Whew!” … Carlos is unblinded by episode 10.  Also, a couple of the ladies dig into Dave Williams’ past…Kristin at E!Online

Episode 5.06: There’s Always a Woman November 2, 2008

Guest stars include Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McCluskey, Gale Harold as Jackson, Gail O’Grady as Anne Schilling, Frances Conroy as Virginia Hildebrand and Lily Tomlin as Roberta. — Source: ABC

Episode 5.07: What More Do I Need November 9, 2008

Lynette and Tom uncover the unsettling truth about son Porter; Gabrielle suspects Carlos’ best client has ulterior motives; Bree’s moment of weakness could bring her great embarrassment and shame; and Katherine’s not so little secret is unveiled. Meanwhile, Susan learns of Jackson ‘s true passion, and Mrs. McCluskey’s sister unearths a disturbing fact about Dave. Guest stars include Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McCluskey, Gale Harold as Jackson , Stephen Spinella as Dr. Heller, Gail O’Grady as Anne Schilling, Frances Conroy as Virginia Hildebrand and Lily Tomlin as Roberta. — Source: ABC

Episode 5.08: City on Fire November 16, 2008

Susan’s daughter comes to visit with her surprising new boyfriend; Gaby uncovers the unsettling truth about Mrs. Hildebrand’s past; Katherine has a confession to make to Susan; a reporter looks to expose Bree’s imperfections; and Lynette learns Porter and Anne Schilling plan to leave Fairview and disappear. Meanwhile, everyone has gathered at a club to see the guys play in the annual ” Battle of the Bands” when a fire erupts, threatening the lives of those in attendance. Some will fall as a hero will rise. — Source: ABC

90210 Spoilers: One New Guy for Both Annie & Naomi!

Shenaegrimes Dylan Deja Vu: Forget Ty and Ethan, there’s a new dude who will catch the eye of Annie and Naomi, coming to 90210. Word is, he likes them too and will openly date both ladies, creating a rivalry the likes of which we may have seen before. — Korbi at

Actually, look for a new love triangle that includes Annie and Naomi—but not Ethan! There’s a new fella on the scene at West Bev High, and he strings along both ladies. — Kristin at E!Online

Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty

Looks like real life is bleeding into the script! Sources say that Brenda and Kelly’s relationship is going to get very difficult, to the point where they discuss just ending their friendship and all the drama. The  producers are not opposed to a few verbal (or otherwise) jabs being thrown in before the season is over, which clearly would not hurt the ratings. — Kristin at E!Online

Gossip Girl: Episode 2.8 “Pret-a-Poor-J” Recap

Taylor Momsen

Tonight on Gossip Girl, Willa Holland (The O.C.) stops by to encourage Jenny to defy Eleanor Waldorf.  Does Little J really need help stirring up trouble?

Spotted: Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) having very naughty dreams about Chuck Bass, and I mean VERY naughty.  How can Gossip Girl get away with a scene that alludes to both oral sex and masturbation?  I think the Parents Television Council just had a collective coronary.  After Blair’s done taking matters into her own hands, she runs into Chuck on the street.  He once again tells her that she needs to say “I love you” if she wants to get him in the sack, but the only thing she feels is loathing.

Jenny (Taylor Momsen), who has a new makeover I’m not sure I approve of, falls in lust with Nate the instant she sees him shirtless at the Humphrey loft.  When he shows up at the design studio later to drop off her sketch book, Little J’s lust morphs into a major crush.  Eleanor’s new model, Agnes, thinks that J should go after the pretty boy of her dreams.  While Jenny ponders whether Nate can ever see her as anything but a sister, Eleanor asks her to remake her stylish dress using Waldorf fabrics.  Some very important buyers are in love with Jenny’s design, and this is her chance to wow them….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

New Supernatural Spoilers: November Sweeps Episodes!

Episode 4.07: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester October 30, 2008

It’s a few days before Halloween and Sam and Dean investigate two mysterious deaths in a small town. The brothers find hex bags and deduce a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon named Samhain. Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) arrives in town and tells Sam and Dean the freeing of Samhain is one of the Seals that will lead to freeing Lucifer, so Castiel has brought a specialist angel named Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) to smite the entire town. — Source: The CW

Episode 4.08: Wishful Thinking  November 6, 2008

Sam and Dean investigate a small town where the wishing well really works. A teddy bear comes to life, someone wins the lottery and the town geek gets a hot girlfriend. The brothers realize that while everyone is happy now, the end result will be disastrous. — Source: The CW

Episode 4.09: I Know What You Did Last Summer  November 13, 2008

Character actor Mark Rolston has been cast in the recurring role of Alastair, the latest demon hell-bent on terrorizing the Brothers Winchester. His first airdate is Nov. 13. The original breakdown for Alastair described him as a “calm and composed demon with a placid smile that belies his simmering sadism and evil. He’s one of the top demons in Hell. He’s electrifyingly powerful.” — Source: The Ausiello Files

Look for an upcoming two-episode arc where we’ll meet Anna (Julie McNiven). I’m told that Anna is “a haunted girl who, for mysterious reasons, is able to hear the secret conversations of angels in her head. Demons want to capture her at all costs for the enemy intel she can provide,” and the boys have to protect her. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 4.10: Hell’s Angels  November 20, 2008

Angels Castiel and Uriel do battle with demons over Anna, the girl who can hear angelic conversations. Dean tells Sam what happened to him in Hell. — Source: The CW

Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Latest on Blair, Serena, Lily….

Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively Giovanni Rufino / The CW

I might be reading into this a little bit, but is there anything at all going on between Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl, chemistry-wise? They seem much too touchy and flirty than best friends normally are.

You aren’t the only one!  A reliable source who works on the show says, “That’s insane. No, we’re not planning anything like that.” Is it really so insane, though? I’m pretty sure the Gossip Girl book series ended with Serena and Blair kissing each other on the lips and murmuring, “You know you love me.” (Saucy!) Regardless, Serena’s brother Eric is the only one with any same-sex happenings in the works for a good long while.

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester

In the meantime, Blair and Serena will be getting some hot male action on the show in future episodes, courtesy of Chuck Bass and Serena’s new love interest, the hot artist Aaron Rose played by John Patrick Amedori

Blake Lively, John Patrick Amedori Roger Wong/

I hear Lily has a deep, dark secret that is already in the works for next year, and it is going to have major repercussions.  — Kristin at E!Online

Episode 2.09: There Might Be Blood November 3, 2008

Serena invites Aaron (guest star John Patrick Amedori) to be her guest at a charity gala honoring Lily and Bart, but after discovering a secret that Aaron has been keeping from her, she begins to question whether Aaron is the guy she thought he was. Hoping it will help her chances of getting into Yale, Blair naively agrees to babysit the 15-year-old daughter of a prominent Yale donor, but the teenager proves to be more than a handful and Blair begins to suspect that the evening may actually wind up hurting her chances of getting into the college of her dreams. Meanwhile, Jenny and Agnes (guest star Willa Holland) plan a guerilla fashion show that will either launch Jenny’s star or ruin her chances of ever being accepted by the industry. Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr and Matthew Settle also star. — Source: The CW

Episode 2.10: Bonfire of the Vanity November 10, 2008

Wallace Shawn (“The Princess Bride”) guest stars as Eleanor Waldorf’s new boyfriend, whom Blair despises at first sight. Cyndi Lauper appears in a cameo role.  — Source: The CW

Episode 2.11: The Magnificent Archibalds November 17, 2008

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers: The Latest Scoop!

BalthazargettyFamily Business: It was good to see Tommy and Sarah mend fences last Sunday, no? If you were pleased with that development, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Tommy truly has his family’s best interest at heart… and a shady plan up his sleeve that should shift control of the company away from Holly and back into Walker hands. The deal is scheduled to go down around mid season. — Korbi at

According to Sarah Jane Morris, “Kitty and McCallister—Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe—are adopting a baby. We’re shooting the baby shower right now, and it’s very fun! Nora, Sally Field‘s character, has all these stupid games that we have to play.”  …. Next week Kevin and Tommy finally come to blows—serious, full-on, fist-fighting action. (Perhaps they can work out a little real-life aggression, if it, um, just so happens to be there because of, um, recent tabloidy news reports.) And we’ll get our first look at Ryan Lafferty’s father, George, plus the introduction of Ethan (Will McCormack) and Kyle (Eric Christian Olsen), who will be working with Sarah and sticking around for a good chunk of the season. — Kristin at E!Online

Episode 3.06: Bakersfield November 2, 2008

Guest starring are David Andrews as George Lafferty, Eric Christian Olsen as Kyle DeWitt, Will McCormack as Ethan Tavis, Holly Maples as the moderator and Chase Kim as the waiter. Source: ABC

Episode 3.07: Do You Believe in Magic? November 9, 2008

Tommy and Julia celebrate their wedding anniversary in a magical way while Justin and Rebecca get spooked about their own romance, and Kitty’s neuroses endanger the McCallisters’ shot at adoption. Guest starring are Sonja Sohn as Trish Evans, David Andrews as George Lafferty, Eric Christian Olsen as Kyle DeWitt, Will McCormack as Ethan Tavis, Rose Abdoo as Miss Clara, Michael B. Silver as Stu Orenbacher, Tymberlee Chanel as Vanessa and Ramon De Ocampo as Spencer Travis. — Source: ABC

Episode 3.08: Going Once… Going Twice November 16, 2008

Kevin overcompensates for his recent pay cut by snatching Nora’s dream house out from under her as a gift to Scotty. Meanwhile Justin cooks up a plan to set Saul up with an unlikely candidate for a date (guest starring Dave Foley as Paul). — Source: ABC

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