Heros Episode Recap

Sylar We join Hiro, Ando and Usutu in Africa. Ando is imploring Hiro to travel back in time to find out how to kill the villains.  tells them that evil forces are gathering and dark powers are rising and Hiro must choose his path.

Brundle Lab. Nathan and Tracy confront Suresh, but he breaks Maya out of her sticky web of grossness and flies off into the night. This is the last we see of Nathan and Tracy for the next 30 minutes. I like to think they were having cold sex.

Peter lays in a room at Pinehearst in a coma and dreams/flashes back to his father’s funeral.  When he awakens, his father is there and Peter is handcuffed to a bed. Papa Petrelli tells Peter his abilities are gone forever. Papa says is working for the greater good and that Peter should join him. Peter vows to make him pay, but Arthur just leaves him there, handcuffed to the bed….. Continue reading »

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