One Tree Hill Episode Recap: “Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe”

Chadmichaelmurray_onetreehill_s5_24Lucas takes center stage tonight as he is approached by a producer who wants to option the film rights to his first book, An Unkindness of Ravens. He’s worried about the personal nature of the book and the fact that he wouldn’t be able to control a film version, which is totally a valid concern because book writers don’t always get any say in how their book is translated to screen. The producer shows up in Tree Hill and it’s totally John from Cincinnati, so Luke should start worrying right away because that cat is weird.

Anywho, his name is Julian Baker and all he wants is to show Lucas how excited he is about turning his book into a movie. Luke is pretty much on board right away and it takes a heart-to-heart with Nathan for Lucas to realize that he needs to get both Peyton and Brooke’s approval for the movie to go forward. Peyton is excited and Brooke agrees, talking about “epic” love stories and their inevitability and I missed the rest because I blacked out like I do every time someone who isn’t Logan Echolls says the word epic in reference to romance. Luke is reassured when Julian tells him he wants him to write the screenplay himself, and entices Luke with fancy Hollywood money and creative control. Unless this is an indie feature I doubt Lucas would have any kind of control and indie features don’t pay the kind of money Julian is talking, so this is all sort of ridiculous. He even brings a contract with him for Lucas to sign with no lawyers involved, which would never happen! But this is Tree Hill, not the real world…..

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