Pushing Daisies Spoilers! Chuck’s Dad

Pushing Daisies: Ed and Lost Star Is Chuck’s Dad!

Thos Robinson/Getty Images, AP Photo/Matt Sayles, Joe Kohen/Getty images

Josh Randall, Anna Friel, Lee Pace

He’s aliiiiiiive! Chuck’s daddy, that is. And, well, perhaps “undead” is the more appropriate term.

Warner Brothers Studios and executive producer Bryan Fuller confirm to me exclusively that Josh Randall—who played Ed’s BFF Mike on Ed and Nathan on Lost (the tailie who was offed by Goodwin)—will play the long-awaited role of Chuck’s father, Charles Charles, on ABC’s fantastic dramedy Pushing Daisies. (Keep reading for an exclusive sneak peek of his “invisible” new look on the show.)

Josh first appears in episodes eight and nine, “Comfort Food” and “Lighthouse,” and that he may very well return for more episodes after that…..

Warner Bros. Television

Charles Charles, Pushing Daisies

Meanwhile, as you may remember, Ned’s (Lee Pace) power accidentally killed Chuck’s (Anna Friel) dad many years ago, so what the bejeezus is he doing back on the show?

According to sources, Ned undeads Charles to help Chuck solve some mysteries from her past, but Chuck doesn’t want just one measley minute with her late father, so she just might step in the way of Chuck redeading daddy dearest…

Now, alive though he will be, Chuck’s dad has been mouldering in the grave ever since the fine print of Ned’s power killed him. As such, what with the 20-plus years of decay under his belt, Charles Charles’ looks aren’t what they used to be. I’m told the character starts off bandaged up like a mummy—an homage to the Invisible Man (see photo above)—but once the wrap is removed, Josh Randall will appear!

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