90210 Episode Recap: “There is No Place Like Homecoming”

Annie has no date to the homecoming dance.  She wants to go with Ethan.  He proposes to her, very adorably, that they show up separately and meet up for a dance.  Possibly a romantic one.  Dixon loves dances, and is excited to go to the dance with Silver.  Unfortunately, Silver hates dances because, as you know, she loves being different. She’s totally a rebel.  Naomi learns that Adrianna almost died, but she didn’t and ended up confessing to the drug charges for Naomi.  Naomi only has to go to detention.  Adrianna gets to go to a high-class rehab, thanks to an anonymous donor.  Also – the new Narc keeps Narc-ing and Naomi has a change of heart towards Annie and ends up inviting her to hang out and get ready at her place before the dance.

However, surprisingly, the biggest story of the night involved Navid and Adrianna.  They used to be great friends growing up and through middle school, until Adrianna’s acting career took off in seventh grade.  Since then, Navid has watched on while she’s become a different and, ultimately, drugged-up person.  Navid got her entrance to the rehab center and spends the whole episode fawning after her.  It was surprisingly heartfelt and heart-breaking.  It’s a feeling that we’ve all had – liking someone who doesn’t know that those feelings are there.  He just wants the old Adrianna back….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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