90210 Spoilers: Annie and Ethan: Will they or won’t they?

90210′: Annie and Ethan: Will they or won’t they?

05:08 PM PT, Oct 28 200, LA Times

Annieethan Finally! After a two week hiatus, designed to drive me insane, “90210” returns tonight with an episode that promises to be the event of the season. Literally; the preview says, “it’s the event of the season.”

So, what can we ascertain from the 32-second teaser? The homecoming dance rolls around, and Ethan asks ex-gal pal Naomi to be his date. At the dance, however, Ethan slow-dances with small-town Annie and whispers, “You look beautiful,” while a stunned Naomi looks on.

“It’s not who you arrive with; it’s who you leave with,” announces the preview, suggesting that the virginal Annie will do more than just “leave with” Ethan.

But come now.  Anybody who watched the original “90210” knows that you don’t deflower the series virgin till she has spent at least a dozen episodes agonizing, right? What do you think?

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