More Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Sweeps Episodes! Updated!

March Cherry is close to hiring someone to play a plastic surgeon in several episodes, meaning, I suspect, that the re-glamorization of Gaby is at hand. — Ausiello Files

Episode 5.06: There’s Always a Woman November 2, 2008

One of Scavo teens is on total lockdown and can join a friend named Kirby out for some partying and drinking. Kirby tries to convince the teen to sneak out but the latter doesn’t want to screw things up and get grounded for longer than he is now. The teen agrees if Kirby’s mom calls his mom and say that he is coming over to study with Kirby. Susan goes to Jackson’s apartment after the two broke up two days earlier. She finds a naked woman in his apartment and starts arguing with her about who Jackson really is. A woman wants Carlos to be her personal massage therapist while she goes to Europe for two months. Gabby wants him to go since the woman is sixty and because the pay will be really good but may change her mind after she discovers why the woman really wants Carlos to be her personal masseur. — Source:

Episode 5.07: What More Do I Need  November 9, 2008

Tom and Lynette discover that someone has been stealing from the petty cash box. The culprit, who spent the money to buy pot, asks the couple to not tell his parents and that he’ll get the money. As expected, there is more to this story than meets the eye… let’s say it also involves blackmail. — Source:

Episode 5.08: City on Fire November 16, 2008

One man will pull another out of the firery building. The hero doesn’t want to be interviewed by a TV reporter. Susan and Julie comment on one another’s new boyfriends. When Julie’s older boyfriend is alone with Susan, he asks her to bring it on and tell him exactly what she thinks of the relationship. Susan is fine with it until she discovers that he’s been married three times already and ponders getting married a fourth time… An older woman pretends to be the Solises’ kids’ grandmother and has the babysitter leave the kids under her care. — Source:

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