New Pushing Daisies Spoilers & Petition to Save the Show!

Probably more important than what will happen on Pishing Daisies, is will the show get a full season pick-up.

Here’s how you can get involved and save Pushing Daisies: Make sure to sign the Petition to Save the Show

George Segal and Richard Benjamin have been cast as Olive’s childhood kidnappers. Since she has such fond memories of her abduction, when they escape from prison, they naturally go to her for help to get away. (Think of the eppy as sort of an unofficial Savannah Smiles sequel.) But wait, there’s more: Firefly badass Gina Torres has signed up to play Emerson’s ex-wife. –  Ausiello Files

Question: Has Pushing Daisies ended the storyline with Paul Ruebens? I was a little confused from where they left off last season to where they started this season. Did Chuck reveal her secret to him? Will Pee-wee be back for another adventure?
“Ended” is the wrong word. Maybe “delayed” is more like it. “I love Paul Reubens, and I love the character Oscar Vibenius,” EP Bryan Fuller tells me. “And I encourage you to write ABC and tell them how much you love him, too. We’ve tried a couple of times this season to bring Paul back and always ended up having to push the story off for various reasons. Right now Oscar is off in the wilds of olfactory science trying to decipher the mysterious scent he discovered specific to Chuck, and if/when he returns, he’ll have a lot to say on the matter.” See what I mean? “Ended” was totally the wrong word. –  Ausiello Files

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