One Tree Hill Spoilers: ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

11/3 All New ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

One Tree Hill

The past comes home to roost as the residue of deception, anger and romantic mistrust permeates the lives of several Tree Hill residents. Nathan finds himself face-to-face with an old rival, Brooke deals with someone who once hurt her, and Lucas’s novel leads him into unchartered and threatening waters.

It takes on the conversation between Lucas and Hayley about the direction of the screen play that is made out of Lucas’ novel. Also provided below is the extended promo of the episode.

Lucas emphasizes that he doesn’t want to mislead his audience into knowing that Dan Scott is a good character, saying “Dan Scott isn’t human. He doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, and frankly Dan Scott doesn’t deserve a spot in Jamie’s life”. Lucas has to make jeopardizing decisions about the filming while Peyton meets the movie producer, Julian.

Brooke has to deal with somebody from the past, Owen who once broke her heart and is now back. Nathan similarly faces an old rival while Sam teaches Jamie about money. — Ace Showbiz

Chuck Spoilers: “Chuck Versus the Ex”

Chuck, in the middle of his mission bumps into an old flame who dumped him and broke his heart. In the new episode of ““, Chuck’s ex-girlfriend Jill appeared while he was on a Nerd Herd call. In an attempt to save face, he lies to the girl and tells her that he is more successful than he really is.

When Chuck flashes on Jill’s boss, a research scientist who may have developed a deadly bio-weapon, he, Sarah and Casey must find out if Jill is involved. Meanwhile at the Buy More, Big Mike nearly chokes to death, which leads company efficiency expert Emmett to implement a mandatory CPR course taught by Captain Awesome.

(“As the World Turns”) and Tony Hale (“Arrested Development”) guest star as Jill and Emmett respectively. The episode which is called “Chuck Versus the Ex” will be aired in two weeks time, on November 10. — Ace Showbiz

Heros Spoilers: “Villains”

The first half of “” season three is over and in two weeks to come the show will go back to the roots. The eight episode which is titled “Villains” will see Hiro investigating the defining moments in the pasts of Arthur Petrelli, Sylar and Flint in order to prepare for an eventual showdown with his foes.

Two kinds of promo for the episode which will air on November 10 have been brought forward. It reveals how a father’s lie brings a butterfly effect to the future and how Gabriel aka Sylar came in terms with the demon inside him. The episode will also provide lots of flashback of various heroes and villains.

Third season of “Heroes” is made up of two volumes, “Third Volume: Villains” which will be comprised of 13 episodes, and “Fourth Volume: Fugitives” that contains the remaining twelve. Cast Greg Grunberg dished out to DigitalSpy that they are currently filming the “Fugitives”. On the bridge between the third and fourth, Grunberg said, “At the end of volume three it’s kind of wrapped up but then there’s this huge cliffhanger that leads into volume four.” — Ace Showbiz

Private Practice Episode Recap

Addison and the other doctors stage an intervention to get Naomi and Sam back together as leaders of Oceanside…  and Addison is the ringleader because a happy Naomi is a Addison-friendly Naomi. Very sneaky, sis. They all round Naomi and Sam up and make them sit in the conference room until they can agree to be partners again. We also learn that Addison and Officer Kevin haven’t had sex yet. No wonder Addison is so tense lately…. Continue reading »

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap

Ned is generally a rather risk-averse guy, as you might be if you had killed your sweetheart’s father after reviving your dead mother and then lost the chocolates she made for you before her death in a boarding-school roulette game. In fact, the only things he’s gambled on since then have been opening a pie shop “in a time when carbohydrates had fallen out of fashion” and on the hope that Chuck could love him. Which really are a couple of pretty big things. Nonetheless, having won those two hands, he generally prefers a safe bet.

This week’s case, though, involves a rather unsafe bet. It seems the brilliant chef at the dim sum restaurant below Emerson’s office — his name is Bao — has died in a steamer explosion that the cops deem an accident but which his widow is sure was murder. The deceased, who has a pipe through his head, isn’t much help after being revivified, panicking that someone wants to kill him over a bet….Continue reading »

Top Model Episode Recap: “Planes, Trains and Slow Automobiles”

On this week’s Top Model, the girls gear up for their trip to Amsterdam and upon arrival are tasked with the challenge of posing in the scandalous Red Light District. But after a shoot on the open sea another girl must go, and the question is: Will it be the larger-than-life personality, or her polar opposite….read more

Desperate Housewives Spoilers: “There’s Always a Woman”

See larger image

In the “” episode 5.06, Susan wants to surprise Jackson following their break up but it turns out that she was the one in for a surprise. “There’s Always a Woman”, picks up the story when Susan breaks up with Jackson because she wants a casual relationship while he wants to move on. Two days after the split, she comes to his apartment and finds a naked woman whom she confronts.

Meanwhile, Gaby is over the moon when Carlos’ client makes them an offer they can’t refuse, but a startling discovery leaves her second guessing. Lynette grows suspicious that Tom is cheating on her and follows him. The bond between Bree and Katherine grows, and Mrs. McCluskey enlists the help of her sister to dig up dirt on Dave.

“There’s Always a Woman” will be broadcast on November 2. — Ace Showbiz

The Drive to Save Pushing Daisies from Cancellation!

Kristin has a list of ways to get involved and help save Pushing Daisies from being canceled.

Pushing Daisies Is in Danger! Can It Be Saved?


Pushing Daisies, Anna Friel, Lee Pace

The facts are these:

Pushing Daisies needs your help.

Production on episode 13 of season two begins Monday, and that is the last episode currently ordered by ABC for this series. So far the Alphabet network has given no indication to producers that a full-season pickup is coming.


Pushing Daisies, Chi McBride


So what can we, the fans, do to show our support and convince the powers that be at ABC to keep Daisies on the air?

  • SIGN UP: Sign the Save Daises online petition.
  • TUNE IN: Tonight, watch the show. Live. In your house. Look for the glowing box that receives pictures via bunny ears, a satellite or a coaxial cable coming out of the wall. (Everything else on TV at that time? Obama, Obama and then more Obama. So there’s no downside for you—you won’t miss any other show—and the upside is that the show’s prospects might perk up!) For that matter, email five of your friends right now and tell them to watch, especially if you happen to know anyone who has one of those magical Nielsen boxes.
  • TURN ON: Go to and play old episodes. If you have some spare change, download a few from iTunes. If Daisies brings in enough digital dime, that revenue might offset the on-air losses.
  • REACH OUT: Contact ABC online or use the quaint ol’ post office to send a letter explaining, in your own passionate but polite words, why and how Daisies is the birdhouse in your soul. The address for ABC is 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-4551.
  • PUSH THOSE DAISIES: There are 23,000 species in the daisy family of flowers, including marigolds, coneflowers, sunflowers, chamomile, chrysanthemums, dahlias and zinnias. Send a bunch of your faves to ABC, or better yet, send flower seeds. They’re light and therefore cheap to ship. Seeds last for years and won’t go bad or go to waste, and they could be planted to grow into something beautiful in the spring. Don’t forget to include a note explaining that this is for the love of Daisies!

Pushing Daisies, Dim Sum Lose Some

‘Privileged’ Spoilers: Megan’s MIA Mom is Sharon Lawrence!


‘Privileged’ Scoop: Megan’s MIA Mom is Sharon Lawrence!

Oct 29, 2008, 01:12 PM | by Michael Ausiello

Michael Ausiello reports that Privileged has cast NYPD Blue alum Sharon Lawrence in the pivotal role of Shelby, deadbeat mom to Megan (Joanna Garcia) and Lily (Kristina Apgar). Brash and larger-than-life, Ma resurfaces 15 years after leaving her kids to fulfill her own destiny.

Lawrence is committed to appearing in two episodes (the first of which airs in January), but that number could climb provided The CW does the right thing and orders this underappreciated show’s back nine.

Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Tattoos & Touchdowns on Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Lights’

By Korbi Ghosh

Zachgilford We’ll find out how Coach T’s new two-quarterback strategy is working out within the first few minutes tonight. And let’s just say, the bitter Matt Saracen we saw last season is back. There is, however, a silver lining: the situation leads to a serious emotional breakthrough between Matty and his mommy.

AimeeteegardenAnd speaking of mommy’s, Julie’s will go ape-sh!t when she spies some freshly inked artwork on her eldest daughter’s ankle this week. The silver lining here? A classic Taylor family meltdown, complete with crosstalk and screaming in their kitchen!!

Jesseplemons What else is on tap? A solid Landry-Saracen scene, which doesn’t include much audible dialogue, but will still make you giggle. And despite feeling Landry’s heartbreak, you will fall deeper in love with Tyra’s cowboy tonight. It’s unavoidable.

Also, Jason Street, Herc and the Riggins brothers are teaming up for a major project, and heads up, Riggins has a new mantra which’ll have you snort-laughing by the second or third time you hear it… — KTV: Korbi TV at

Brothers & Sisters Spoilers: “Bakersfield”

Sarah Walker is dealing with her life as a stay-at-home mother, but she keeps trying to find a new exciting career while taking care of her children. In “” next episode, Sarah finally finds and learns about a business proposal, which makes her intrigued.

In the episode entitled “Bakersfield”, Nora Walker will be more curious about William Walker’s true son, Ryan Lafferty, who has been discovered by the Walker family. She tries to find more informations about the fact. Nora and Holly Harper have a bad relationship, so the Ryan matter becomes such a good opportunity for Nora to beat Holly. Nora calls Holly an evil yet pathetic bee-yotch, while Holly calls Nora a pathetic narcissist outright. Meanwhile, Kitty and her husband, Robert McCallister wait for a birth mother.  — Ace Showbiz

Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: “Bloodline”

Spend Halloween with Ghost Whisperer!

In anticipation to the forthcoming episode of ““, CBS network have come up with a promotional video for episode 4.05. The video focuses its footage on the destruction a teenage ghost brings to a house and the people in it. Apart from that, it also teases bits of episode 4.06, claiming it to be the episode which will change everything.

Episode 4.05 is titled “Bloodline” and tells the story of a young woman who suddenly dies at a tennis club. Keeping a secret about her parentage in order to avoid her mother from being hurt, she finally asks Melinda to tell her mother about it. To her dismay though, her mother already knows the truth. On Melinda’s part, thinking that she is expecting due to the nausea and dizziness she experiences, she goes to the doctor only to be disappointed. — Ace Showbiz

Privileged Spoilers: ‘All About Defining Yourself’

11/4 All New ‘All About Defining Yourself’


Megan has been compiling research on Laurel with the intention of presenting a book proposal to her, but Sage discovers Megan’s notes and emails them to Laurel before Megan has a chance to explain. Megan is pleasantly surprised to find that Laurel likes the idea of a biography, but when Laurel takes over the project and hires an experience ghostwriter, Megan feels dismissed. Continuing her research, Megan inadvertently discovers a shocking secret about Laurel’s past. When Megan comes clean to Laurel about what she has learned, Laurel reacts by freezing Megan out. Meanwhile, Sage is sure her modeling career is about to kick into high gear when she meets with high-powered publicist Patricia Kingston (guest star Kathy Najimy), but Patricia makes it clear she is only interested in representing Sage if Rose is also involved. Tension mounts between the twins when Rose rejects modeling in favor of her school work. Charlie realizes that Mandy (guest star Alice Greczyn), the girl he has been casually dating, may be better suited for him than Megan ever was.

90210 Spoilers: ‘Secrets and Lies’

11/4 All New ‘Secrets and Lies’


Harry and Debbie inform Annie and Dixon about Harry’s son that was given up for adoption nearly 22 years ago. While Dixon doesn’t seem bothered by the information, Annie releases her frustration and anger at a sleepover with Naomi, Silver and Adrianna. The sleepover quickly turns into a house party with guys and drinking games. Meanwhile, Annie and Ethan decide to hide their relationship from their friends and Dixon opens up to Silver about his latest family issues. Adrianna and Navid continue to get close until she misunderstands his intentions. Now that Ryan is in on Kimberly’s (guest star Jessica Lucas) secret, the two can no longer control their desire for each other but are oblivious when a student observes their actions.

It was previously reported by TV Guide that Josh Henderson, known for his role as seducer of Julie in ““, has been cast as Sean, the son that Harry has with Tracy Clark, Naomi’s mother. The presence of Sean, however, will make Dixon feeling displaced and Debbie keeping him at arm’s distance. — Ace Showbiz

90210 Spoilers: BuddyTV’s exclusive interview with Dustin Milligan

BuddyTV‘s exclusive interview with Dustin Milligan of the new 90210.

Smallville Spoilers: “Identity”

10/30 All New ‘Identity’


Jimmy snaps a picture of Clark super-speeding to save Lois from a mugger and manages to catch a red and blue blur on film. Jimmy shows it to Tess who decides to run it on the front page of the Daily Planet. Clark fears his identity will be discovered so he asks Chloe to run interference with Jimmy, but she refuses.

Supernatural Spoilers: “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”

10/30 All New ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester’


It’s a few days before Halloween, and Sam and Dean investigate two mysterious deaths in a small town. The brothers find hex bags and deduce a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon named Samhain. Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) arrives in town and tells Sam and Dean the freeing of Samhain is one of the Seals that will lead to freeing Lucifer, so Castiel has brought a specialist angel named Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) to smite the entire town.

America’s Next Top Model Spoilers!

The Scariest Thing You’ll See All Halloween Week…

Aaah! Don’t look now, but Miss Jay has done lost her pants!

(Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

In tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, one of the girls needs to be rescued from her bad “suburban mom” wardrobe choice, and Miss Jay Alexander rises to the occasion by dropping the ol’ pantaloons.

Also tonight, Sheena goes all Skankytown (again?) and Elina looks stiff as a rock (again?), which you can see in the clips below.

Is there any hope for this cast?

Gossip Girl Spoilers: “There Might Be Blood”

11/3 All New ‘There Might Be Blood’

The CW has made an extended promo of “” 2.09 is available for viewers. It’s ten seconds longer than the one aired during the end credit, the preview sees Nate being confronted by Dan when Dan finds out that Nate has been hanging around and kissing his 15-year-old sister, Jenny. — Ace Showbiz

Gossip Girl

Serena invites Aaron (guest star John Patrick Amedori) to be her guest at a charity gala honoring Lily and Bart, but after discovering a secret that Aaron has been keeping from her, she begins to question whether Aaron is the guy she thought he was. Hoping it will help her chances of getting into Yale, Blair naively agrees to babysit the 15-year-old daughter of a prominent Yale donor, but the teenager proves to be more than a handful and Blair begins to suspect that the evening may actually wind up hurting her chances of getting into the college of her dreams. Meanwhile, Jenny and Agnes (guest star Willa Holland) plan a guerilla fashion show that will either launch Jenny’s star or ruin her chances of ever being accepted by the industry.

Gossip Girl – Official 209 Promo (2)

Gossip Girl 2×08 – Chuck and Blair Scene

Privileged Episode Recap

Thewomen_privileged_240Megan trills all Mary Poppins into the twins’ room with positive progress reports on both girls. The twins are underwhelmed, especially when she begins to press them on extracurricular community service with Once Upon a Dress (apparently the real and very noble organization Once Upon a Prom wouldn’t let their name be used, but please don’t let that stop you from lending a hand, or a dress.) Downstairs, Marco gets his employee physical, and Megan is flummoxed when the doctor demands an emergency contact from her. Will barges in, as is his wont, and talks a lot about how he isn’t going to talk about Megan’s issues with Lily. The twins are horrified when Megan takes them to a public school in a slightly less ritzy area of Florida to volunteer. The guidance counselor gives the twins measurements to begin to alter the dresses to fit the girls who have been selected to receive them; stepping outside, Megan sees her alcoholic father across the street, but he looks at her and drives away….Continue reading at »

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