Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Tattoos & Touchdowns on Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Lights’

By Korbi Ghosh

Zachgilford We’ll find out how Coach T’s new two-quarterback strategy is working out within the first few minutes tonight. And let’s just say, the bitter Matt Saracen we saw last season is back. There is, however, a silver lining: the situation leads to a serious emotional breakthrough between Matty and his mommy.

AimeeteegardenAnd speaking of mommy’s, Julie’s will go ape-sh!t when she spies some freshly inked artwork on her eldest daughter’s ankle this week. The silver lining here? A classic Taylor family meltdown, complete with crosstalk and screaming in their kitchen!!

Jesseplemons What else is on tap? A solid Landry-Saracen scene, which doesn’t include much audible dialogue, but will still make you giggle. And despite feeling Landry’s heartbreak, you will fall deeper in love with Tyra’s cowboy tonight. It’s unavoidable.

Also, Jason Street, Herc and the Riggins brothers are teaming up for a major project, and heads up, Riggins has a new mantra which’ll have you snort-laughing by the second or third time you hear it… — KTV: Korbi TV at

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