Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Preview! “Life During Wartime.”

When is McArmy coming back to Grey’s? And please tell me he is going to be part of the cast. – Heather
Matt: As you saw at the end of last Thursday’s episode, Army Major Owen Hunt is back in action – and will ruffle some feathers, stat! (Watch the Mega Minute for more on that.) At this time, Kevin McKidd is on what I will call “strongly recurring” status, but he certainly has the potential to become a series regular.  — TV Guide

Cristina will freak out over the return of Owen Hunt (aka Kevin McKidd), and though producers are keeping mum on whether or not KM’s sticking around, I’m told his presence is a done deal. We should get to know the military doc pretty well this season. — KTV: Korbi TV at

Are you down with Alex and Izzie? Last week’s kiss was merely a preview of things to come. Though Alex will continue to act as if he doesn’t care, I’m hearing his heart is actually all-in. — KTV: Korbi TV at

Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Major Hottie Returns!

From Kristin at E!Online

Yes, here he is, the one you’ve all been waiting for: Major Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), better known around here as Major Hottie, is back on Grey’s Anatomy this week. (Much to Cristina’s chagrin, apparently.) He’s working at Seattle Grace, but will he be sticking around?

Also, not to spoil anything, but _____ and _____ have been sleeping together for a week?! Whaaat?!

Check out the four additional bonus clips below to see what that’s about, and be sure to tune in Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC to catch Anatomy‘s latest episode, “Life During Wartime.”

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