Pushing Daisies Episode Recap

Ned is generally a rather risk-averse guy, as you might be if you had killed your sweetheart’s father after reviving your dead mother and then lost the chocolates she made for you before her death in a boarding-school roulette game. In fact, the only things he’s gambled on since then have been opening a pie shop “in a time when carbohydrates had fallen out of fashion” and on the hope that Chuck could love him. Which really are a couple of pretty big things. Nonetheless, having won those two hands, he generally prefers a safe bet.

This week’s case, though, involves a rather unsafe bet. It seems the brilliant chef at the dim sum restaurant below Emerson’s office — his name is Bao — has died in a steamer explosion that the cops deem an accident but which his widow is sure was murder. The deceased, who has a pipe through his head, isn’t much help after being revivified, panicking that someone wants to kill him over a bet….Continue reading »

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