Smallville Spoilers: Lois & Clark’s Long Journey!

Kiss or no kiss, “Committed” was one of the best Smallville episodes ever. Can you keep us in this high with some Clark-Lois scoop?
Matt: But what if “Clark-Lois scoop” and “keep us in this high” are mutually exclusive in this instance? Over the next few weeks, I am told, Clark and Lois’ newfound closeness will be tested when Ms. Lane goes on a date with “a handsome ‘Daily Planet’ reporter.” A bit further down the road, Clois will find themselves as travel partners on a long and very strange trip. The out-of-this-world sitch will pull them closer and closer until, on the day of Chloe’s wedding, a familiar face comes between them — just as sparks start to fly. Gee, who could that be? — TV Guide

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  1. Honestly i don’t belive you would not care if theykiss or not I have been waiting for it to happen since the episode after she was introduced. I want it to happen before season 9 or i will be so devestated I might just cry. I don’t know what the director is thinking trying to keep their feelings from each other but I know over 50 clois fans at my school including my sister and none of them are very happy with what he is doing so if he is doing it to keep watching I know for a fact that people have switched of because they are so annoyed so he better hurry with the kiss or he will lose veiwers who are impatient and maybe even me who can be very patient. So no offense but can you hurry it up director we are getting bored and tired of having to wait for them to kiss or go out and if the veiwers aint happy soon you won’t be to happy either!

    Ta x

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