Ugly Betty Episode Recap: “Ugly Berry”

Lindsay Now that Kimmie has reverted to her old, snotty ways, Betty’s good-natured character and business ethics are put to the test on Ugly Betty. Luckily she has a couple angels (Daniel and Jesse) on her shoulder to counteract the suavely thin demons (MarcManda) urging her to act against her better judgment.

Kimmie is being all kinds of bitchy, lording her associate editorship over Betty, demanding lunch and other demeaning things. But Betty’s not about to let Kimmie get all the glory for pitching an idea for Mode‘s upcoming “Sizzling Hot” issue, so Betty stumbles upon her own brilliant idea.

Challenged to think of a “hot” fruit to feature, Betty learns that the super-hot Adriana Lima is a huge fan of the super-rare fruit the tiko berry, which frankly just looks like rambutan to me. Anyhow, Betty scores a major coup with Adriana agreeing to do the cover and a feature about said fruit for Mode, and thus earns our girl the job of project manager. Smoke that, Kimmie…..

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