New One Tree Hill Spoilers!

Sympathy For The Devil [Airing November 3]: Sam jams the vending machine at school so students will buy junk food from her instead at a higher price than she paid for. She explains her system to Jamie. Haley and Lucas also appear. — Source:

Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous [Airing November 10]: Tension fills the air backstage at Peyton’s USO Show, as Lucas deals with Peyton and Julian’s (guest star Austin Nichols) romantic past. Haley battles stage fright and Nathan struggles with a decision that could change his career. Brooke gets a call that threatens her relationship with Sam (guest star Ashley Rickards). Millicent confronts Mouth on his relationship with Gigi (guest star Kelsey Chow). Angels and Airwaves make a guest appearance. — Source: The CW

Episode 6.11 – We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) [Airing November 17]: Lucas finds inspiration and starts writing. His ideas come to life for the show’s viewers as we will see the scenes, set in 1941 at Karen’s Cafe, be played out by the show’s characters. —  Source:

Episode 6.12 [Airing January 2009]: Jack, one of Sam’s friend, gets caught as he is about to leave Sam’s room through the window. Nathan undergoes a physical test at the gym to see how in shape he is. — Source:

Ghost Whisperer Episode 4.05 Recap: “Bloodline”

Ned is playing tennis with the new girl in school, Olivia. There’s a brief run-in with Diana, a rather snotty girl, and moments later, Diana collapses. At the hospital, there seems to be some confusion or weirdness between Diana and Olivia, and their moms, who both arrive moments later. One of the ER nurses pointed asks if Diana is “Diana Morrison”and looks shaken when the EMT confirms it is.

Unfortunately, Diana dies. After calling her time of death, the guilty nurse tucks a paper into her pocket as she leaves the ER. Diana’s mom freaks out, with Diana looking over her. Olivia tries to say something to her, but her mom leads her away, but then Olivia follows them, leaving her own mom alone. Very confusing.

Melinda happens to be at the hospital for all this because she’s finding out that she’s (sigh) not pregnant. Well, she was… but she’s not anymore. The doctor wants to run some tests to make sure everything is ok, and Melinda and Jim are justifiably worried and upset….READ FULL RECAP AT ZAP2IT.COM

More Episodes of ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘One Tree Hill,’ & ‘90210’ on the Way!


Good news for the fans of three hit series, ““, ““, and ““. It has been reported exclusively by Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly that The CW network has ordered more episodes for the three series.

“Gossip Girl”, the successful teen drama which comes into its second season through its September 1 premiere, has been picked up for one more episode to complete the season into the total of 25 episodes. The CW has informed the decision to executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Previously it has been reported that the original 22 episodes were being ordered for 2 more episodes counting it up to 24.

The same deal is also given by the network to “One Tree Hill” and “90210”. Sources told Ausiello that both series have been asked for two more additional episodes, continuing the series into 24 episodes each.  — Ace Showbiz

Supernatural Spoilers 4.08: “Wishful Thinking”

A small town advertises their commodity, a wishing well that really works, in the new ““. When a young girl’s teddy bear comes to life, Sam and Dean discover that the town’s wishing well really works, blurring the line between reality and fantasy.

Wes, a nerdy bachelor who was previously ignored by women, now has a beautiful girlfriend named Hope who is completely in love and enamored by him after he made the wish in the well. Hope seems to enjoy doing every task for Wes and he was consequently reluctant to give up the prize when confronted with the truth.

Since everyone can put their wish simply by throwing a coin, the town becomes chaotic and the brothers have to stop this from getting worse.

The episode is called “Wishful Thinking” and aired on November 6 on The CW. — Ace Showbiz

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Mary McDonnell’s Secret Revealed!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Exclusive: Mary McDonnell’s Secret Revealed!

Oct 30, 2008, by Michael Ausiello 
Marymcdonnell_l If you suspected there was a twist surrounding Mary McDonnell’s three-episode Grey’s Anatomy arc, congratulations, you were right. Turns out her character, a celebrated cardiac surgeon brought in to boost Seattle Grace’s national ranking beginning Nov. 13, is living with Asperger’s syndrome. “Shonda [Rhimes] thought it would be interesting to have an incredibly skilled surgeon who, socially, is initially misunderstood,” explains executive producer Betsy Beers of the autism-related disorder, which is characterized by eccentric behavior and a general social awkwardness. Eccentric behavior and social awkwardness? Sounds like she’ll fit right in! Or will she? Only time — and the following Q&A with the fraktabulous McDonnell — will tell.

AUSIELLO: How does everyone react to your character, Dr. Virginia Dixon?
In her first surgery she works primarily with Bailey and Karev, who are both sort of caught off guard by her difficulty in communication. They don’t really know until the end of the episode that she has Asperger’s. It’s challenging for them. On the one hand, you’re introducing a dramatic and comedic dynamic that people have to react to. On the other hand, you’re bringing on a very dignified real human being with a disability that can be very problematic for everyone.

What’s it like playing her?
It’s been a wonderful experience. Grey’s has to do with social nuance and behavior between people, and this is a character who can’t really relate to any of that. She comes in and brings a little bit of a different behavior to Seattle Grace.

How different are we talking? She’s still going to hook up with one of her colleagues, right?
[Laughs] So far, I have to tell you, I don’t see any romance. That just makes me giggle. But she’s just coming in for three episodes so far, so we’ll see. That’s the furthest thing from her mind.

Might your stay be extended beyond the three episodes?
There’s always a possibility. I think with this character, there’s a great collaboration to kind of experiment with her and with her situation and see the kind of effect it may have on the world of Grey’s, because she’s very atypical.

Did Shonda create the role with you in mind?
I don’t know if it was created with me in mind, but I was told that Shonda had me on her mind as soon as she started thinking about it. She’s put a great deal of trust in me, and it’s part of why I wanted to do it. Because when someone hands you something this compelling and complicated and gives you good writing and also says, “I’m trusting you to find the nuance here,” then you kind of go home and think, I’m lucky to be alive.

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