Ghost Whisperer Episode 4.05 Recap: “Bloodline”

Ned is playing tennis with the new girl in school, Olivia. There’s a brief run-in with Diana, a rather snotty girl, and moments later, Diana collapses. At the hospital, there seems to be some confusion or weirdness between Diana and Olivia, and their moms, who both arrive moments later. One of the ER nurses pointed asks if Diana is “Diana Morrison”and looks shaken when the EMT confirms it is.

Unfortunately, Diana dies. After calling her time of death, the guilty nurse tucks a paper into her pocket as she leaves the ER. Diana’s mom freaks out, with Diana looking over her. Olivia tries to say something to her, but her mom leads her away, but then Olivia follows them, leaving her own mom alone. Very confusing.

Melinda happens to be at the hospital for all this because she’s finding out that she’s (sigh) not pregnant. Well, she was… but she’s not anymore. The doctor wants to run some tests to make sure everything is ok, and Melinda and Jim are justifiably worried and upset….READ FULL RECAP AT ZAP2IT.COM

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  1. scott

     /  November 5, 2008

    what acotor played olivia?

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