Desperate Housewives Episode 5.6 Recap: “There’s Always a Woman”

Lily Tomlin and Jathryn Joosten, Desperate HousewivesTonight on Desperate Housewives, there are other women everywhere. Carlos’ hands cheat on Gabi, Lynette suspects Tom of having an affair, Jackson has a new woman and Mrs. McCluskey’s awesome sister shows up….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Update “Jim” David Conrad NOT Leaving & Preview “Imaginary Friends and Enemies”

MORE DETAILS: I was able to view some pages of the “Threshold” script, where Jim TRULY DIES. If you want to know more how Jim died, and who was involved in his death and how this IS not the last of Jim…. READ ON FOR MAJOR SPOILERS

The Ghost Whisperer Producers: Let’s Clear Up the Rumors — TV Guide

Read carefully: David Conrad is not, not, not leaving Ghost Whisperer. We love him – he is amazingly talented – we all have lots of fun together and he is an important part of the Ghost Whisperer family. But most of all, we here at Ghost Whisperer are very much aware of how all of you feel about him.  Again, David is not leaving Ghost Whisperer. Are we clear? We do, however, have some exciting and dramatic things in store for our beloved Jim and Melinda that we can’t wait to share with you- it’s all just around the corner. And, until then, please know you can always come here for the absolute truth.

Preview of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ 4.06: Imaginary Friends and Enemies

From Ace Showbiz

Things will change drastically in the new episode of ““. Something major will happen to Melinda, as the tag line from its preview is read “She was given a gift and one true love but nothing lasts forever…”.

Last month, a major spoiler to the show was let out, claiming that Melinda will lose her husband Jim (David Conrad). In the preview, it is also shown that Jim is shot and Melinda is looking devastated. Although the story may be true, it may not be the end of Jim’s appearance because true to the show’s nature, Melinda is able to see ghosts.

Meanwhile, the official synopsis from CBS for the episode which is called “Imaginary Friends and Enemies” is: Melinda plays a game of hide-and-seek when a child’s make-believe friend causes havoc during a wedding party for Jim’s friend, and Melinda attempts to calm the ghosts running amok.

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imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer
imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer
imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer imaginary friends and enemies - ghost-whisperer

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