One Tree Hill Episode Recap: ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

Hilarieburton_onetreehill_s5_240 One Tree Hill pulls out the flashbacks tonight to remind us that they did indeed jump five years in the future last season. This might be confusing to some, considering they’ve been acting like adults since their junior year in high school.

The flashbacks are all about Peyton this week so let’s dive right in, shall we? Peyton is still keeping her past relationship with Julian a secret from Lucas, and this secret is about…oh…55 minutes from blowing up in her face. Her flashbacks reveal that both times she met Julian before they started dating she was crying over some heartbreak caused by Lucas, so their relationship started out on a totally healthy note! The first time was immediately following Luke’s first proposal in L.A that she refused. I would like to note that this flashback is set to a new Joshua Radin tune, so they obviously aren’t going with the “choose a song from the year of the flashback” device. Actually, they probably aren’t going with that device because then they’d have to actually figure out the timeline of the show, which would involve some sort of advanced calculus at this point. Anywho, when Peyton was crying at work over Luke, Julian randomly shows up and offers some sage words of advice, because strangers always offer unsolicited, clichéd advice. Back in the present, Peyton tries to tell Lucas about Julian and her history with him but he’s so excited about writing the screenplay she just can’t bring herself to do it….READ FULL RECAP AT ZAP2IT.COM

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