New 90210 Spoilers: Someone’s Pregnant, Adrianna?

Of course! I’m hearing that someone is pregnant on 90210, and it is someone who’s already been having quite a rough time this season. Guesses?! I’m told this pregnancy storyline is indicative of a new direction for the show: to tackle issues that are relevant to both teens and adults today, the way the original series did. I’m also told the upcoming episodes are getting better. — Kristin at E!Online

So, are Ethan and Annie going out, or is Annie choosing her new BFF Naomi over him?
Nah, Annie and Ethan will go out despite Naomi’s naysaying. The whole BFF thing was definitely temporary. And once Annie and Naomi find out they have a half brother in common, the competition between them will truly commence. — Korbi at

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