New Friday Night Lights Spoilers!

Why is no one is talking about how perfect this season of Friday Night Lights is? My only quibble: The evil cowboy dude needs to leave so Tyra and Landry can be together.
I’m just getting caught up on all the episodes I missed, so that’s why I’ve been giving the show the silent treatment. But now I can join you in celebrating the beauty that is season 3. The stuff I’m loving the most: Matt reconnecting with his estranged mom (Deadwood MVP Kim Dickens, who I’m convinced was put on Earth just to make me cry); Jason’s heartbreaking (and still unfolding) farewell arc; the fact that producers are making J.D. McCoy a sympathetic figure and not some cliché-ridden spoiled rich brat (a lesser show would’ve gone there); getting Landry off the football field and into a garage band where he belongs; and, of course, any and every scene with Connie Britton. As far as the evil cowboy dude goes, he’s not bugging me as much as I thought he would. But a word of warning: He’s going to seem more evil than ever tonight when a skeleton tumbles out of his closet and right onto Tyra’s doorstep. — Michael Ausiello, Ausiello Files

Zach Roerig on Friday Night Lights is really hot! How long will he be on the show? Do he and Tyra have a future?
Possibly, possibly not, since a woman shows up on Tyra’s (Adrianne Palicki) door this week carrying what she says is Cash’s baby. Whoopsie! Did he forget to mention his baby-daddy status to Tyra? (Psst…hey, Landry, here’s your chance to get her back!) — Kristin at E!Online

Will we see some Matt and Julie action soon on Friday Night Lights?
Get ready to squee! This week, Mulie will share a smooch by the campfire. Hot! You’ll also see a lot more of J.D. McCoy (Jeremy Sumpter) as he’ll be hitting the field naked.  — Kristin at E!Online

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