New One Tree Hill Spoilers

Hilarie Burton, Chad Michael Murray, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

I heard that James Van der Beek will be returning to his Dawson’s Creek stomping grounds to play a director on One Tree Hill. Will there be any fun inside jokes?
When Chad Michael Murray stopped by for this video Q&A, I asked him if JVdB is, in fact, playing wannabe filmmaker Dawson. But he is not. (The character’s name is Dixon.) As for “inside jokes,” sources tell me there is an “interesting subtext” to watch for in the Lucas-Dixon scenes. — TV Guide

Yes, I’m hearing Peyton and Lucas will be expecting a child—but things won’t go too smoothly. — — Kristin at E!Online

VIDEO: Are Tree Hill‘s Lucas & Peyton Heading for a Wedding?

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

In a Q&A with Chad Michael Murray, the One Tree Hill fave and TV Guide catches up on some unfinished business, getting his reaction to Lucas’ choice of fiancée. “It had to be Peyton, ultimately,” he chimes in. “They’re almost the same person.” Chad then joins in raving about Hilarie Burton’s “fantastic personality.”

At the 1:00 mark, Murray offers what he believes to be the odds of “Leyton” making it to the altar this season, and then addresses the pregnancy rumor circling the show.

After some talk of what Austin Nichol’s film producer will bring to the show during the next couple of months, Chad previews working with former Dawson’s Creek cast mate James van Der Beek, who will surface in Tree Hill as the movie director adapting Lucas’ novel: “I know [James] is going to bring it, so I’m bringing my ‘A’ game.”

Lastly, Chad weighs in on the big question: Will he stay on if Tree Hill gets picked up for another season? Get his (sneaky) answer at the 3:25 mark.

Coming late next week, in Part 2 of our video: Chad reveals the inspiration behind the 1940s-flavored One Tree Hill he wrote (airing Nov. 17), and talks about preparing to direct an episode.

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