Private Practice Spoilers: Tim Daly Does Not Prescribe Desk Sex

Will Pete being taking charge of Oceanside Wellness on Private Practice?
Tim Daly said “No.” “The thing about Pete is he’s very unflappable. He really does just kind of see both sides of things unless he’s taken by surprise—like he was by Addison, and by Meg to a certain extent. I think he believes that everything is going to be OK and he does his part.”  — Kristin at E!Online

Private Practice‘s Tim Daly Does Not Prescribe Desk Sex

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

On ABC’s Private Practice last week, new light was shed on Oceanside Wellness’ alternative-medicine man when former flame Meg popped back into his life. (They quickly picked up where they left off… right there, in his office.) What other surprises does Pete have for us? Tim Daly teases what’s to come, as well as shares a cautionary tale about the perils of desk sex. (Private Practice airs Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET.) I have to say, it’s good to see Pete doing something with another woman these days, instead of working the Addison thing so intently.
Tim Daly:
The Addison thing, it just seemed unrealistic to me. They’re adults, so if they’re not going to get it on, move on. When you reach a certain age and two people are attracted to one another, it’s like, “This ain’t high school, so what’s the impediment? Let’s … read more

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