Grey’s Anatomy Episode 5.7 Recap: “Rise Up”

Katherine HeiglTonight’s Grey’s Anatomy opens with Meredith’s voiceover musing about death, a common occurrence on Grey’s Anatomy, actually. It’s early morning and Cristina (Sandra Oh) wakes Meredith up by calling to discuss Ellis’ old diaries, which are the Harry Potter books Cristina never had. Derek (Patrick Dempsey), who enjoys not getting woken up by a phone call at the butt crack of dawn, is annoyed to no end by Cristina. Later on at the hospital, Derek asks Mark (Eric Dane) to seduce Cristina to keep her occupied. Everyone is late for work today, even Bailey who is arguing with Tucker about marriage counseling. In skills lab, Richard introduces the residents to STAN, a state of the art animatronic robot for the residents to practice on. Operating on STAN will help Richard decide on which of the second-year residents will get to do their first solo surgery. Of course, the news of solo surgeries whips all the residents into a competitive frenzy to see who will get the first one. Just another day at Seattle Grace. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) asks Major McHottie (Kevin McKidd) to observe the residents to help him decide….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV
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