New Supernatural Spoilers!

Episode 4.09: I Know What You Did Last Summer  Airdate November 13, 2008

Ruby (guest star Genevieve Cortese) tells Sam and Dean that a powerful demon named Alastair (guest star Mark Rolston) is searching for a girl named Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) who can hear the angels’ conversations. The three set out to find Anna but once they do, Alastair attacks them and Ruby escapes with the girl. Believing they were set up, Dean lashes out at Sam for trusting Ruby, so Sam tells him what happened during those months Dean was in Hell and how Ruby saved his life. Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) and Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) return and demand to be taken to Anna but not for the reason Dean thinks. — Source: The CW

Episode 4.10: Hell’s Angels  Airdate: November 20, 2008

Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) remembers her past and Sam and Dean finally understand why Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) and Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) want her dead. However, they disagree with the angels’ orders and try to help Anna restore an important part of her past so she can be saved. Meanwhile, Alastair (guest star Mark Rolston) and his demons continue to close in on Anna and the brothers. Source: The CW

In other news, the show is now casting for an 18-year-old Dean. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Supernatural Supernatural is on a tear this year. There’s so much going on and yet, we need to know more, no? I set my girl Marisa Roffman up with writer/producer Sera Gamble, so we could get some answers…

Congratulations on Supernatural’s success this year. It seems like people are finally catching on to what an awesome show it is.

I’m not an expert on why these things happen exactly, but for the season premiere this year, we got a million more viewers than we expected. I thought it was a really great episode that Kim Manners directed and I think the story is compelling this year and our fans have been extremely loyal for the past three seasons and really adamant in their word of mouth about the show, so it’s caught on.
Speaking of the premiere, Sam was in a bad place while Dean was in Hell. Are we going to be seeing any flashbacks that deal with Sam’s life while Dean was dead?
Actually, that’s coming up very soon! For sweeps, we have a two-parter, episode nine and episode ten. But in episode nine, which I actually wrote, called “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, we will see several flashbacks to Sam’s time [alone], starting literally 24 hours after Dean was dragged to Hell. If you are a viewer who is interested in what the hell happened to Sam when Dean died, this is what you’ve been waiting for.
Will that include more insight into the Sam/Ruby relationship?
I feel like we’ve been addressing it since the season premiere. We’ve just been unfolding things little by little when it comes to Sam’s story. We didn’t want to just lay it all out on the table because there really is so much going on with that character this season. We didn’t want to give the cliff-notes version. We wanted to peel it back, layer by layer. That’s how we’re dealing with Sam and that’s how we’re dealing with Ruby, as sort of one aspect of Sam’s story. They definitely had things going on. They had a relationship that consisted of Ruby hanging out with Sam while Dean was dead. As for the exact nature of that relationship? We’re being cagey about it. I can tell you, what we really have been trying to do is be mum about what happened to Sam in general while Dean was in Hell because we want the fans to come to the episodes and watch it all unfold in real time. It’s been so hard for me because I hate being cagey about spoilers. There has been so much stuff I haven’t been able to talk about ahead of time. Obviously Ruby and Sam had a lot going on. For the exact nature of their relationship, you’ll just have to tune in and find out.
And how about Dean? He and Castiel seemed to almost have a semi-bonding moment at the end of the last episode. Will that lead to Dean being more open to what the angels have to say?
What do you think? [Laughs] Do you think Dean is just going to submit to anybody? Besides Bobby, when is the last time we brought anybody on to the show just to be nice and help the boys? No, the angels, Castiel and Uriel, are some of my favorite characters that we have ever created for the show. They are so fascinating. They’re not only good, they’re the embodiment of good, they’re from God. More often than not, they function directly as obstacles to the boys on every level. They are obstacles for the stories, and they are deeply obstacles on an emotional and spiritual level. And they will continue to mess with [Dean] in every way possible, I think. I hope. For the rest of the season, and maybe the rest of his life.
For the rest of his life? I can only imagine Dean Winchester of all people having angels on his shoulders, guiding him through life…
The interesting thing is the angels have a job to do and Dean has a job to do. Those two things overlap. But the job they want Dean to do is not always the job Dean wants to be doing. They just don’t have the same view of the world. The story we have to watch unfold between Cas and Dean in the first part of the season is that Dean’s whole view of the world has changed so much now that he’s seeing angels, but Cas is being changed a little bit by Dean as well. The chemistry of that relationship is really rich and there’s a lot to explore. I think you’ll be seeing more of that because they’re so much fun to write. And just when you think [Castiel] is a problem, you meet Uriel. Uriel really puts Castiel into perspective.
Lately, it seems like there have been a lot of television shows adapted into movies. Do you think there’s any chance of seeing Supernatural on the big screen at some point?
I don’t know! I don’t know. That would be a thing people in suits talk about. I can imagine [show creator] Eric [Kripke] having a blast with a Supernatural feature film. Having that kind of budget — knowing what we go through on an episodic basis, taking the ideas we all have in our heads and shrinking them down to what can be done in eight days — would be [amazing]. This upcoming two-parter that Eric and I have been working on, episodes nine and ten, when we first started talking about it, it was right before The X-Files movie came out and we were joking that if we were breaking a Supernatural feature film right now, this is the story we would be doing. This would be the Supernatural feature film. What you will see will be shrunk down and will be made for television and translated into that form of story-telling, but it originated from us sitting back in the writers room and imagining that we were creating a movie.

Anything else you want to share about upcoming episodes?

The episode we have coming up [tonight] is hilarious. Ben Edlund wrote this episode where a wishing well starts to work. The important information is that a girl’s teddy bear comes to life. There’s a seven-foot teddy bear — like a drunk, existentialist teddy bear — wondering why he’s been brought to life. It’s probably one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever seen, period.

Will Sam and Dean be encountering this giant teddy bear?
Oh yeah! It’s definitely one of the more bizarre cases they’ve ever had to deal with. Comedic and hilarious and delicious. And then, episodes nine and ten have that epic sweeps feel to them. Very interesting case and fantastic guest stars: Mark Rolston and Julie McNiven from Mad Men, who plays a girl in a mental institution that is hearing angelic voices. I think they are going to be a couple of episodes that fans talk a lot about. There’s going to be a lot for people to enjoy and a lot for people to argue about. It’ll be a long week between episode nine and episode ten.
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