New Ugly Betty Spoilers!

Somebody will be making out with Jesse (Val Emmich), and it’s not Betty! There will be more smooching behind people’s backs when Marc cheats on Cliff, which (oddly) just might lead to a marriage proposal. …Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) finds true love! She’ll be locking lips with Connor Owens (Grant Bowler) this week. — Kristin at E!Online

Nikki Blonsky Takes Assistant Role on ‘Ugly Betty’

ABC has announced that they have signed “Hairspray” star Nikki Blonsky to star in an episode of “Ugly Betty“. Her role will be as an assistant at Elle magazine named Teri who “develops a friendship” with Betty “but who may have an agenda of her own.”

The camera has begun rolling on Friday, October 31 for her episode which will air on December 4. No other details have been shared regarding her scenes. According to WENN, Blonsky has only signed on for one episode, but producers insist there could be more. — Ace Showbiz

Exclusive: Val Emmich’s Ugly Betty Love Song

By Mickey O’Connor, TV Guide

On Thursday’s jam-packed episode of Ugly Betty (8 pm/ET, ABC), Betty’s neighbor and new crush, Jesse, will dedicate a love song to her. It’s called “Snowy Day,” and it was written by Val Emmich, the actor who plays Jesse, who is also a musician. (Aside: Watch this episode. In addition to Emmich’s spotlight, it’s full of surprises, featuring standout performances by Becki Newton and Vanessa L. Williams.)

You might recognize Emmich from his recent run of man-candy guest-starring roles. That was him sucking face with Lucy Liu on Cashmere Mafia. He made Frank gay as the Oedipal intern Jamie, who comes on to “sexy librarian” Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.

When Emmich learned that starving-artist Jesse and his hilariously named band, Dark Sexual Journey, would be performing two songs at a “Mode” magazine function, he approached the producers about using his own music on the show. “I only recently learned how to fight for these things. They told me about the concert, and I said, ‘Well, please use my band.’ And they were cool with it; it made sense.” In addition to “Snowy Day,” which Emmich wrote specifically for the show, during the episode he also sings “Get On with It,” the first single from his album Little Daggers (in stores and on iTunes now; check out his MySpace page to take a listen). If you listened closely earlier in the season, you also heard Emmich’s cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” on the show as well.

Emmich, whose singing voice at times evokes that of a young David Bowie, says that he has resisted auditioning for musician roles in the past. “They often don’t ring true to me,” he says. “This seemed like a ‘get out of jail free’ card in that the show is trying to be larger than life. These are caricatures of people in a way. So I figured it could be fun.” After snagging an early copy of the episode’s script, he tailored “Snowy Day”‘s lyrics to a recurring motif in the episode: that Betty is like a “snow day” to Jesse because she makes him forget his crummy life.

So does Jesse’s love-song dedication mean that Betty has found true love? Emmich confirms that he hasn’t kissed America Ferrara yet, but that he has been contracted to appear in future Ugly Betty episodes. So stay tuned.

Beckinewton_michaelurie_americaferr We haven’t seen a whole lot of Amanda and Marc this year. I liked watching them set Betty up to take Kimmie down last week, but I want more!
And this week, you’ll see quite a bit of Amanda: Seems she walks around Mode totally naked during off hours — but that won’t last. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Amanda’s moving in with Betty tonight, and will actually be quite helpful with operation Jesse. Turns out, Amanda’s a freakin’ genius when it comes to landing men… As for Mr. Marc, well, his love for Cliff will lead him in a few different directions this evening. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing the show takes place in New York City and not L.A., because the passage of Prop 8 would put a damper on his plans.

Valemmich_2 I hate to say it, but I love the new neighbor guy on Ugly Betty. I was pissed when we lost Henry and Gio, but this guy is so cute, it’s hard to hate him. Will he and Betty hook up this week? –
He should be giving it up — considering B goes out of her way to organize a huge party  so he and his band can get some exposure — and he is. Just not to Betty.

Anaortiz Am I crazy or did the Karate Kid show up on Ugly Betty last week?
Indeed he did. Ralph Macchio’s looking pretty good these days, no? And we’re going to see more of him. Not tonight, but word is, he’ll show up again. Apparently, Hilda’s going to have some trouble getting that business license he warned her about.

Grantbowler Hey Korbi, Can you tell me who the new guy on Ugly Betty is? You know, the new CFO guy who Daniel tricked Wilhelmina into hiring? He’s hot. Is he sticking around?

Grant Bowler is the actor playing Connor Owens (you may recognize him from a few guest appearances on Lost) and yeah, he’ll be around for a bit. Seems Willie’s about to fall for him. She’s crushing so hard, she’ll totally forgive the fact that he and Daniel completely played her. Unfortunately for Ms. Slater, I’m hearing he’s not exactly available. Stay tuned for an awesome Slater/Suarez scene which actually makes Willie seem human… — Korbi at

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