Private Practice Episode Recap

Katewalsh_privatepractice_240Addison discovers she needs $487,000 to keep the practice floating. To earn the money, they’ll open one hour earlier and one hour later plus weekend hours. they’ll also be asking everyone to take on extra duties to help generate much needed cash.

Meanwhile, it’s Jenna Day. Who’s Jenna? Why a 17-year-old married, dying girl who’s last wish is to have a baby. Jenna, her teenage husband Nick, and her parents are in a room as Naomi performs egg retrieval with Pete in the room as backup. When Addison finds out what’s happening, she isn’t behind the idea at all, arguing with Naomi and Pete that they’re creating an orphan.

Addison runs into Nick after he donates his half of the baby-making materials and they talk. She asks what he wants and what his plans are, how he’ll be involved. She asks what he wants and he pauses to think. I’m telling ya’ll it’s sabotage……Continue reading »

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