Privileged Episode Recap

Michaelcassidy_privileged_240_002Sage gets a call from Patricia Kingston, a publicist who is friends with Nigel Barker. Nice ANTM reference, CW. Maybe there could be a crossover episode. Sage tells Rose they are having lunch with Patty Kingston and Rose balks because of a history test the next day. Megan’s delight is thinly veiled at Rose’s good decision making and Sage says she’ll go alone. She sits down to email Kingston and discovers Megan’s folder marked “Laurel Limoges Bio.”

Sage blackmails Megan into signing her permission slip for the Kingston lunch by telling her grandmother about Megan’s biography project. Megan runs off to tell Laurel before she can see Sage’s email including Megan’s notes. Marco heads her off and wants to hear the story, then reveals that Laurel is stuck in Tokyo and will probably read the email on her blackberry….. Continue reading »

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