Supernatural Episode 4.8 Recap: “Wishful Thinking”

Jensen AcklesTonight’s episode of Supernatural takes a break from the apocalypse to introduce a giant talking teddy bear named Teddy.  Seriously.

“Wishful Thinking” starts with a sexy shower scene, but calm down ladies and gents, because it doesn’t involve the Winchesters.  A woman named Candace turns off the water, dries off, and soon discovers that she’s being watched by a teen who’s turned himself invisible.  One might expect a creepy Kevin Bacon to be the see-through perv, but it’s actually just a random student with a crush on his teacher.  Meanwhile, Sam tries to get Dean to talk about his vacation in Hell, but the doe-eyed wonder isn’t feeling chatty.  In an effort to change the subject, Sam brings up the story about a “ghost” in Washington stalking women at a health spa….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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  1. Teddy bear doctors – now that’s a cover I never expected the Winchesters to use. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂 I’m just glad that we didn’t learn that “teddy” was one of Lilith’s minions.

    Seriously, I love how this show makes me laugh and cry in the same episode. The brother moments are always so heart felt.

    I’m not sure I had a favorite line this episode, but there were some good ones. However, I loved that Dean lifted a bottle of booze when they checked out the break in at the liquor store.

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