Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Fate! Interview with David Conrad!

In tonight’s episode Jim dies from embolism, in the last scene he flat-lines and the hospital staff tries to revive him does he live or really die?….READ MORE SPOILERS FROM NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE THRESHOLD

Is J.Love’s Man Going to Die?

Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad

Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s onscreen hubby is going to die.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that one before, as this rumor has been circling within the Ghost Whisperer fan world for years now.

But wait…Could it actually really be happening this month?

Sources confirm that there will be a major cast change within the next three episodes (starting tonight), and what goes down will surprise you…

Here are the answers to your burning questions:

I really love Ghost Whisperer, and I would like to know more about the rumor of Jim (David Conrad) being the one that dies. Does he go into the light, or will he be sticking around as a ghost?
Neither. It’s not an either/or scenario.

Do Jim and Melinda get pregnant on Ghost Whisperer?
They are definitely working on it in at least two episodes.

I love Jim on Ghost Whisperer so much. He’s the best husband to Melinda—he loves her so much. I don’t know what she’ll do without him. Please tell me he doesn’t die.
All I can say is that Jim’s loving support goes a lot further than that of your typical mortal man…

Anything good in the works for my man Jamie Kennedy on Ghost Whisperer?
In an upcoming ep, look for an odd-couple act between Eli (Jamie Kennedy) and Jim as they investigate the death of a young woman. Eli may be smart enough to get info out of books, but he’s not slick when it comes to getting info out of witnesses, and Jim has to step in to get the job done.

Is there anything you can tell us about Melinda and Delia’s friendship on Ghost Whisperer?
When Melinda faces the greatest crisis of her life, it’s actually Delia’s (Camryn Manheim) skepticism that provides the breakthrough Melinda needs to understand what happened!

Will Ghost Whisperer’s Jim Leave the Land of the Living?

Speculation has run wild for some time that David Conrad‘s character on Ghost Whisperer would be checking out. We chatted with him about how that rumor will work itself in Friday’s episode, how it could affect his future on the show and why he watched so much Olympic swimming this summer. — Steve Pond

TV Guide: Rumors have been swirling that Jim, your character, is about to die and become one of those ghosts who constantly bother Melinda. I know you can’t spoil it, but what can you tell fans about what happens to Jim?
David Conrad:
I think they’ll see a Jim like they’ve never seen before. I think he’ll find out who his true self is, though it might take a long time. That’s cryptic.

TV Guide: So there is some sort of event that changes his fate?
[Thoughtfully] Well, Jim kind of blacks out… there’s a strange blackout. And some-times, by forgetting, when you do re-member, you know things all the more. Like, people might say, “Oh, I forgot how much I love my wife.” And then time goes by, and they realize just how much more they loved her, and at what cost.

TV Guide: As an actor, is the new story line going to be exciting to play?
Conrad: Yeah. It may bring out a muscle that I’ve never used before. It’s going to be a completely new world for him. He’s gonna wake up with new eyes — almost as if he’s seeing things through someone else’s eyes.

TV Guide: Have you known for a while that something big was coming?
I was told in the first season that something big was coming for me. [Laughs] Early on, the rumor was that I wouldn’t make it past Season 1. But somehow I ended up here, in my fourth one.

TV Guide: Do you have any sense of Jim’s long-term future on the show?
None, which is actually cool. Before, I saw this endless plain of being the supportive husband. And now I don’t know what the hell’s going to happen.

TV Guide: Jim’s such a good guy, but over the years, did you ever find yourself thinking, “I’m sick of being calm and supportive — can’t I be skeptical and cranky for a change?”
[Nods] Yeah. I got really tired of that. But that’s the dynamic. Maybe it’s part of what’s so exciting about what’s coming up, because things change quite a bit. Before, it could get exhausting spending that much time doing nothing, significantly. Sometimes you think, “Hey, let’s do a story about me.” But, you know, the show is called Ghost Whisperer; it’s not called Husband.

TV Guide: Maybe you and Jake Weber from Medium could get together for a spin-off.
[Laughs] I’d love to. I think Jake’s a great actor. I was just watching him speak German in some terrible movie about subma-rines. But he’s so good.

TV Guide: Have you guys ever compared notes?
Conrad: I’ve never met Jake. We went to the same school, Juilliard. We’re both “married” to mediums. But we’ve never met.

TV Guide: OK, let’s switch topics. You’re a former competitive swimmer. Did you watch Michael Phelps over the summer?
[Enthused] I did — I watched endless hours of the Olympics online. And then I started swimming again before the Olympics, and I really started finding the joy again. I haven’t swum competitively since high school, but it’s nice, later in my life, to rediscover that.

TV Guide: How seriously are you swimming now?
I’m thinking about trying to find a masters swimming program. What I do now is, I’ll go to a public pool, and there’ll be a little swim team practicing in three lanes. I’ll get in the lane next to them and try to run with them. And often, the little 13-year-olds are destroying me. But once in a while I can keep up, so that’s fun.

TV Guide: If this season is the end for your char-acter, what will you do next?
Conrad: Hopefully I’ve saved enough money to move back East and live a very inexpensive lifestyle… just stop doing things that I don’t have my heart in. I hope I have the sense to just choose stuff in the remaining years of my actor life that I can really sink my teeth into.

TV Guide: During your first season on the show, you told us that at heart you were just a square from Pittsburgh, looking to settle down and have kids with a girl from your hometown. Well?
That didn’t work out. You have dreams, but at a certain point you’ve got to realize what you’re best at, or what’s most natural. Yeah, family…I don’t think about it. [Laughs] Love kids, though. Still love ’em.

TV Guide: So what’s the plan now?
What I’d really like to do is just sell everything I own and travel. I don’t want to own any-thing. I don’t want a house, I don’t want paintings, I don’t want to collect anything. I really would just like to travel, and think, and write.

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Review: Ghost Whisperer 11/07/2008

All Your TV, Written By Rick Ellis, Friday, November 7th, 2008,

There are some TV shows that never manage to catch the fancy of TV critics and pop culture fanatics. They just plow along, cranking out season after season of good, solid entertainment without really rising to the cover of “People” level of hype.

The CBS series “Ghost Whisperer” certainly falls into this category. It has helped CBS remain competitive on Friday nights, it continues to draw a faithful fan base and despite some cast changes, the show remains creatively strong.

The show’s premise is pretty simple. Jennifer Love Hewitt plays “Melinda Gordon,” a woman who can see and communicate with people who have not “crossed over.” She marries Jim Clancy (David Conrad) in the premiere episode, and her relationship with her husband helps define and expand her connection to these ghosts.

Over the period of four seasons, there have been some cast changes and a couple of long-running story arcs that focused on the dark side of the afterlife. But throughout the series, the one constant has been the bond between Melinda and Jim.

But more changes are coming to the show, and it’s going to be interesting to see how fans react to a new three-episode arc, which premieres tonight.

For months, rumors have been swirling that David Conrad (who plays Jim, Melinda’s husband) will be killed off this season. Producers have been coy about the changes, simply stating that Conrad will not be leaving the show.

It’s tough to write much about these episodes without spoiling too much of the story arc, although I’m not giving away much to say that things do not end well for Jim in tonight’s episode (entitled “Imaginary Friends And Enemies”). In fact, the promo CBS is airing for the episode gives a pretty good indication of what is going to happen.

But the cliffhanger from tonight plays out across at least the next two weeks, and although I suspect that many fans won’t be happy with the storyline, it is an imaginative twist in the show. It’s a change that seems very believable in the context of the series so far, and it gives the under-appreciated Jennifer Love Hewitt the chance to show off acting chops.

It also gives the viewers a lot to think about. At what point does holding on to something or someone cost more to your heart and soul than you can afford to pay? If you believe in heaven, then do you also have to believe that every event has a purpose, even if you don’t see it at the time? Do you sometimes just have to turn your life over to a higher power, and trust things will work out in the end?

Regardless of what fans think of the episodes, they are some of the best episodes of the series. Even though you can probably guess some of what is going to happen, there are some real unexpected twists and some connections between characters that I didn’t see coming.

Even if you’re not a regular fan of the show, it’s well worth tuning in tonight. You don’t have to be a fan to follow the action, and it’s a chance to see some really good television. With all the jokes about her bustline, it’s easy to forget that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a good actress. And while David Conrad hasn’t always had a lot to do in some episodes, tonight’s hour gives him the chance remind viewers “Ghost Whisperer” has succeeded in part because of the strength of its ensemble.

“Ghost Whisperer” airs Friday nights on CBS.

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  1. Irish

     /  November 7, 2008

    If Jim dies, I will never watch the show again. Take that and cross over!

  2. Lisa

     /  November 7, 2008

    I don’t want to watch the show anymore, if Jim is dead. I love watchinf him and and the two of them together. That’s what makes the show.

  3. Christina

     /  November 7, 2008

    I have just watched my FAVORITE show Ghost Whisperer, and I am in total shock. I am no medium, but if Jim dies there will be less people watching the show in the future.
    Count me as #1 😦 No crossing over for Jim, ya hear?

    If he does at least let me attend his funereal (in person)
    Let me enjoy the moment. Before the moment is lost!

  4. Cathleen

     /  November 7, 2008

    First Andrea…now this? Jim? You have lost me CBS. I am so mad.

  5. Cindy

     /  November 7, 2008

    I love Jim..and he better not leave the show…If I am not home to watch,,I tape every week. I agree he needs more of a front line story line…but he should not die..and melinda and jim should stay together…They better do something spectacular if he leaves the show otherwise I don’t know if I will continue watching

  6. Pam

     /  November 8, 2008

    I was so upset when I saw Ghost Whisperer on Friday. I had no idea that they planned to kill Jim. Is this true????? I truly love this show. And I loved watching both Jim and Melinda together. That is what makes the show. Please don’t take Jim off.

  7. Raked

     /  November 8, 2008

    These articles really make me confused. It certainly looked to me like he was dead (I figure he’s staying around for a while as a ghost…maybe postponing crossing over) but now it sounds like it might different.

    Take a look at my site: I put a review and more thoughts there! I want to hear yours! I haven’t watch this show too too much, so I want to know if there are details I’ve missed that might give us clues!

  8. tracey

     /  November 9, 2008

    If Jim is dead or a ghost i will never watch the show again.

  9. Shelley

     /  November 9, 2008

    I have been a fan since day one.I was so sad to see Jim die. If this is true…. I will probably no longer watch this show. Jim was an integral part of the show and as much as I like Melinda, the truth of it is; that the show will lose a great part of it’s story.

  10. Chill

     /  November 15, 2008

    Article on – from the producers of Ghost Whisperer –
    First off, we wanted to clear up all the rumors that are circulating.

    Read carefully: David Conrad is not, not, not leaving Ghost Whisperer. We love him – he is amazingly talented – we all have lots of fun together and he is an important part of the Ghost Whisperer family. But most of all, we here at Ghost Whisperer are very much aware of how all of you feel about him. Again, David is not leaving Ghost Whisperer. Are we clear? We do, however, have some exciting and dramatic things in store for our beloved Jim and Melinda that we can’t wait to share with you- it’s all just around the corner. And, until then, please know you can always come here for the absolute truth.

  11. Jen

     /  November 16, 2008

    Jim and Melinda keeps this show going!!! If Jim crosses, so do I!!! No more of this show for me without Jim

  12. Stacey

     /  July 19, 2009

    i jim leaves the show i will be soooo upset because he is the best thing in melinders life , i lovee the show but the romance between them two is spectacular. If he dies the show dies , bu Jennifer keep doing what your doing you a great actress 😀 jim please survive 🙂 tar xx

  13. Antoaneta (Bulgaria)

     /  October 12, 2009

    That’s not human. Since I watch Jim Clansy as ghost I cannot stop crying…I have downloaded all seasons…’cause “Ghost whisperer” was my favorite movie… Melinda Gordon and Jim Clamsy were the best family for me…not anymore…I want to say that the script-writers for this season are not good creators…they don’t know how to make people to be impressed by some movie. I am not impressed anymore…. Sorry for my English but it’s not my language…all I know is that I am on depression!

  14. I love to watch ghost whisperer it feels like a connection to me and when jim dies it feels so upseting. I really love jim and melinda and I wish I was in the movie with them. Jim and Melinda are such the cutest couple ever and i really love them. Every movie I see is that they are either scary, lovable and upseting.

  15. Ashley

     /  December 4, 2010

    You know… they wrote jim back in and he take over some guy named sam’s dead body just as he dies its really a cool plot twist!

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