Major Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Great News “Jim” David Conrad will stay on GW into the Fifth Season!

Latest Updates: Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Alive? & Previews: “Heart & Soul” & “Threshold”

It’s been confirmed, Jim (David Conrad) will remain on Ghost Whisperer at least into the fifth season, but to everyone’s disappointment will play Jim as a earth bound spirit, ghost. With Jim refusing to go into the light, the show will take on an unprecedented new direction, because Melinda has never allowed a ghost remain on earth; she has always tried to persuade them to move on.

According to Conrad in this new interview Jim will have more screen time as a ghost with Melinda than he did before. If we can try to keep an open mind it might be interesting to see their bond grow, as its transcends life & death, and what it can mean for the broader Ghost Whisperer mythology.

Conrad character busier than ever after death on ‘Ghost Whisperer’

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Even in the first season of “Ghost Whisperer,” Pittsburgh native David Conrad expected his character to be killed off.

“It’s like a hotel. Every five years they have to tear out all the furniture and put new furniture in to sell it,” Conrad said in an October 2005 interview.

He said it makes sense that the series would “need a new guy” at some point. “You bring in somebody else, like they did with Sarah Jessica Parker [and her roster of boyfriends] on ‘Sex and the City.’ ”

So it wasn’t all that surprising when Conrad’s Jim Clancy, husband of the ghost whisperer herself, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), was killed in Friday’s episode. He died in a hospital from an embolism after being shot accidentally by a cop when police responded to a home where a depressed, dumped-at-the-altar groom was holed up.

What does Conrad think of Jim’s death and how will it affect his role on the series? Read on:

Rob Owen: Given your comments to me back during the first season, I assume you weren’t surprised by this turn of events.

David Conrad: They said early on that everybody but Jennifer is expendable. They didn’t say it that way, but they were like, “We’re not going to lie to you. It’s definitely in our plans to kill you off in an exciting way.” I was like, “Cool, it’s all good.” I figured I’d do a pilot, and the fact that we’re in our fourth season and I’ll make it to the end of this one and it seems like I’m sort of in the plans for a fifth season if there is one, it’s all gravy.

RO: What did you think of the approach to killing Jim?

DC: I liked the fact that it’s not super-connected to the plot. I thought it was smart that it came out of nowhere.

RO: In next week’s episode, your character does something we’ve never seen on “Ghost Whisperer.” Is that how they’ll keep you on the series?

DC: What happens next happens so quickly rather than happening slowly or piecemeal. I think it would be more fun to drag it out: Where is he going? When will he come back, and how will he manifest himself as someone else? … It just sort of loses the audience’s sense of how long do you wait before you give them the cake? The whole plot of the show changes. Things get a little more clouded by my issue. I wish that he’d visit her once in a while like Angel on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” … It’s strange how they rush things. My only thought is I would drag it out a little, more foreplay.

RO: Ironically, it seems like your character has more to do now that he’s dead.

DC: Yeah, that’s the crazy thing. When they kill you off, you work more! It’s kind of like in retirement when you’re busier than when you were at your job. … I do work more, which means I haven’t been back to Pittsburgh that much.

RO: Do you expect to be a series regular next season?

DC: They don’t have a definitive answer because the show hasn’t been picked up.

RO: But it seems likely the show will be renewed. The ratings are up.

DC: Best ever, actually.

RO: What are your future career plans?

DC: I don’t know. It’s a fluid time because there’s no official answer about the fifth season. My agents are like, “We need an answer, guys.” The documentaries I was working on are done and I don’t want to make another one at the moment. I do need to figure it out.

RO: The Wall Street Journal reported last week that your flat in the Strip is for sale. Are you planning to pull up stakes?

DC: I’m a single guy living in a 3,600-square-foot warehouse. I’m embarrassed. What do I do with all this space? I can throw a baseball from one end to the other. I’ll just find a smaller place [in Pittsburgh]. A crash pad. And I’ll spend less money or direct it more toward things I feel are more valuable than paying a mortgage.

First published on November 9, 2008 at 12:00 am

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Source: SpoilerTV

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – “City on Fire” – It will be a night to remember on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET). Susan’s daughter comes to visit with her surprising new boyfriend; Gaby uncovers the unsettling truth about Mrs. Hildebrand’s past; Katherine has a confession to make to Susan; a reporter looks to expose Bree’s imperfections; and Lynette learns Porter and Anne Schilling plan to leave Fairview and disappear. Meanwhile, everyone has gathered at a club to see the guys play in the annual “Battle of the Bands” when a fire erupts, threatening the lives of those in attendance. Some will fall as a hero will rise. (ABC/RON TOM)

(Click to Enlarge)

free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host free image host

(Copyright © 2008 ABC, Inc. / RON TOM)

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers 5.08: “These Ties That Bind”

Seattle Grace Hospital will deal with a new personality in the November 13 episode of ““. One of Meredith’s oldest friends, Sadie, enrolls a job as an intern at the hospital but Mer’s friends are less than welcoming to her.

Lexie leads her fellow interns in secretive, unorthodox surgical training sessions, and a new surgeon, Virginia Dixon, brings rules and order to the OR. Dr. Hunt, meanwhile, continues to pester on the other doctors with his trauma room method, and causes further rift, especially with Sloan.

The episode is called “These Ties That Bind” and will air on November 13.

Sadie, played by , is described as an -like character who is “naughty” and “mischievous”. Executive producer Betsy Beers told TV Guide that the arrival of Sadie ups the risk factor in Lexie’s underground procedures until there are “some serious ramifications for the hospital.”

With the controversy surrounding the show as of lately, it has been reported that the show is eliminating loose ends for gay story. Since Sadie was due to have a fling with Callie, rumors are circulating that there has been a change of script. An insider told E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, “She starts off flirting with Callie but it never goes anywhere.” — Ace Showbiz

Supernatural Spoilers 4.09: I Know What You Did Last Summer

A girl has been chosen to hear the angels’ conversations and the brothers must find her quickly before a powerful demon named Alastair (guest star Mark Rolston) comes and makes use of her ability. “” 4.09 chronicles Sam and Dean’s journey to find Anna with the help of Ruby.

Mid the mission, the threesome was attacked by Alastair and Ruby escapes with the girl. This prompts Dean to believe that they are set up, but Sam explains to him that they should trust Ruby and tells him what happened while he was in hell and how Ruby saved his life. Meanwhile, Castiel and Uriel return and demand to be taken to Anna but not for the reason Dean thinks.

“I Know What You Did Last Summer” will go on air on November 13. — Ace Showbiz

Ugly Betty Spoilers 5.08: “Tornado Girl”

Betty will get out of the Mode office in the next episode of ““. She must prevent an issue of Mode from shipping that could result in a PR nightmare for the magazine, but problem is, Daniel is at a company retreat and cannot be reached. Betty who has been handed out the responsibility to be the person in charge must deal with it with the ‘help’ of Marc and Amanda.

Also in “Tornado Girl”, Hilda starts a clandestine beauty salon when the city turns down her permit for a legal business, and Connor’s fiance (guest star Sarah LeFleur) meets the Modies. The episode will be aired on November 13, presenting guest star Ralph Macchio as Archie Rodriguez.

It has just been announced that executive producer Joel Fields has left the show after eight months. His departure is explained as the completion of his mission to help the show transitioning to a New York-based production. — Ace Showbiz

Desperate Housewives Spoilers! Andrew’s Getting a Lover!

Desperate Casting: Andrew’s Getting a Lover!

Marcia Cross, Shawn Pyfrom, Joanna Cassidy Steve Granitz/Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, ABC STUDIOS/CLIFF LIPSON

Joanna Cassidy (who played Brenda’s awesomely hateable mom on Six Feet Under) has been cast on the show, and she will be playing…

The mother of Andrew’s new boyfriend!

  • Word is she’s “the exact opposite of Bree,” which should make for some good TV. (Marcia Cross + another seasoned actress + verbal sparring = pure entertainment.)
  • If Andrew is meeting his boyfriend’s mother, and Bree is meeting her son’s boyfriend’s mother, chances are that things will be very serious in this new relationship. Remember, this is five years in the future, so anything could be possible! This will be a significant story arc.

Cassidy, whose character is named Melina, makes her first appearance in episode 11.

Be sure to check out Desperate Housewives this Sunday on ABC…

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Gossip Girl Spoilers: “The Magnificent Archibalds”

Gossip Girl – Episode 2.11 – The Magnificent Archibalds – Press Release

“GOSSIP GIRL” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET)
“The Magnificent Archibalds” (CONTENT RATING TBD) (HDTV)

THANKSGIVING ON THE UPPER EAST SIDE — Thanksgiving in the Waldorf household finds Blair (Leighton Meester) upset that her mom’s (Margaret Colin) new boyfriend, Cyrus (guest star Wallace Shawn), has decided to ruin all her favorite traditions, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming next. Lily (Kelly Rutherford) finds herself trying to broker a peace treaty between Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Jenny (Taylor Momsen) who is prepared to cut off all communication with her father if she doesn’t get her way. Serena (Blake Lively) isn’t quite ready to come clean with Aaron (guest star John Patrick Amedori) about her complicated past, but Dan (Penn Badgley) ends up accidentally revealing a few tidbits of his own. Blair and Chuck (Ed Westwick) come to their friend’s aid when Nate (Chace Crawford) is once again forced to confront his father’s (guest star Sam Robards) abandonment. Finally, Eric (Connor Paolo) discovers a secret that Bart (Robert John Burke) has been keeping from Lily. Jessica Szohr also stars. Jean DeSegonzac directed the episode written by Joshua Safran (#211). — Source: CW
free image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image hostfree image host
Source: YKYLM

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Photos from the Set — The Bass Funeral

Gossip Girl – Set Photos


Source: Gossip Girl Insider

Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & More Reactions to Jim’s Death on Ghost Whisperer


Reactions to Ghost Whisperer’s big twist

by Isabelle Carreau, TV Squad

Ghost WhispererThere you have it people, Ghost Whisperer’s big twist was revealed in this week’s episode titled “Imaginary Friends & Enemies.” If you’ve been keeping up with spoilers about the show, you knew about this event since the end of August. When the info was released, fans strongly reacted to it which prompted the brains behind the show to address the upcoming death in interviews posted on the web. No matter what the creators said about the storyline being really interesting and opening new possibilities for the show, some fans were in denial and actually thought the creators would not go ahead with their plan. Sadly for them, the creators did not tweak their plan.

Now that the big death occurred, what do fans think about the twist?

My opinion about Jim’s death in this week’s episode hasn’t changed since I wrote my “Why I now embrace Ghost Whisperer and look forward to that big twist” post. I believe that his death could open up a lot of possibilities for the show if they have Jim not cross over. Due to Melinda’s reaction to his death, it wouldn’t surprise me that he sticks around until she accepts it. Thanks to Jim remaining a ghost, we could learn more about the ghost world from how does the world look like from a ghost point of view to how the dark side tries to recruit them. To fans who believe that this is the end of Jim and Melinda as a couple, should I remind you that this is a sci fi/fantasy show and that everything and anything can happen including The Powers That Be agreeing to resurrect Jim so that Melinda can properly continue her job?

What do other fans of the show think of the twist? Here are a few comments posted on the CBS’s Ghost Whisperer forums:

  • Without Jim there to support Melinda, the show will just be too heart-wrenching. I loved that show, but they’ve just lost me now. I’ll be back only if Jim’s somehow alive.
  • They killed the only part of Melinda that made her feel normal. What does she have left now. There’s no one left to talk things through with or to keep her grounded when things got crazy.
  • I don’t think it was a good thing. I hope this is just a dream. It would not work for him to be a ghost because Melinda would not be able to move on with her life.
Out of the 100+ comments I read on CBS’s forums, I haven’t read one that was supportive of Jim’s death. Of course, most of these posts were made immediately after the episode aired so people didn’t have time to sit back and look at the change under a different light. I’m not happy that a character had to die, especially Jim, but, if done right by the writers, Jim’s death can bring a breath of fresh air to the show. In interview with TV Guide, David Conrad says he’s enjoying his character’s fate as it allows him to do things he never did before on a TV series. If in the end Jim stays dead, I won’t be a happy GW fan and will probably need to vent like people did on CBS’s forum. Until then, I’m willing to enjoy the ride and see what the writers have in store.

What do you think of the Ghost Whisperer twist? Do you think the show jumped the shark or not? What did you think of the final scene in which Ghost Jim tells Melinda that he died? Let your voice be heard in our poll and in comments below.

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Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap: “Imaginary Friends and Enemies”



Tragedy visited Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), and so did a lot of viewers. “Ghost Whisperer” drew 11.1 million viewers Friday and put CBS on an easy path to victory, and dominated the 8 p.m. time slot.

‘Ghost Whisperer’: Treasure hunt

Previously on Ghost Whisperer, Melinda was warned that death might brush off on things she touches and she and Jim were having trouble getting pregnant.

Jim and Melinda are heading off to the lake house with Tricia, Hunter and Natalie for Tricia and Hunter’s wedding. Natalie immediately finds a creepy-ass doll sitting on a trunk, which she opens to find a ghost, as some Are-You-Afraid-of-the-Dark music plays. This ghost leads her, Sleeping Beauty-like, into Tricia’s old room, where she finds a key that unlocks some dark room. She gets trapped inside and when the adults find her she has a small box in her hand. Hunter tells them it was supposed to be a surprise for Tricia, but when she opens it it’s full of ants. Natalie says the ghost was waiting for them and never wants them to leave.

Okay, I am sufficiently creeped out and we’re only to the opening credits. Good job, show!

That night, Melinda tells Jim she thinks the ghost might have been Tricia’s first husband and Natalie’s dad. The next day, Hunter’s old friend Christopher and Tricia’s mom Margaret show up. They all see Natalie wandering off into the woods, so Melinda goes after her. She asks Natalie about her imaginary friend and Natalie says he doesn’t like to be around people because he’s really sick and that he doesn’t want to talk to Melinda because he’s really mad.

Rehearsal dinner. Natalie tries to drag Tricia off to talk to the ghost. Upstairs, the ghost indicates that Tricia should open a drawer in the bedroom. Inside she cuts herself on an ice pick and then yells at Natalie for playing these games. Melinda, looking striking in a beautiful white dress, talks to Natalie about it. Natalie is drawing a picture of her ghost friend, who is a little boy wearing leg braces. Natalie says he’s sad because something very bad is going to happen.

Melinda shows Tricia the picture and asks if she knows him. Natalie insists that Owen the little boy is real and then Margaret the grandmother says that some of the drawings were done by Tricia as a little girl to go along with a game she played. She hid objects around and someone could take the first letters of each hidden object to spell out words. Natalie says that is what Owen is doing now.

Melinda and Tricia go for a walk where Tricia says she can’t believe she’d have forgotten about all this. Melinda says they have to figure out what Owen wants. Suddenly there is a little boy wearing leg braces moving through the bushes. Creepy. He appears to Melinda and he says Tricia isn’t supposed to be having fun with his game. Owen insists that Tricia play with him and she freaks out and runs off.

Tricia is upstairs alone and the ghost opens a door for her. She agrees to play and is led down the hallway where all the doors slam shut one by one until all she can do is go down to the basement. There is a spideweb covered arrow locked in a vice, pointing her deeper inside the basement. She finds the word “bob” written in dust on a mirror near a tub of water full of apples. When she says, “You want me to bob for apples?” the message on the mirror changes to “Good for u.” CREEPY! When she emerges from the water, she has leeches on her face and screams. Okay, maybe I’m just a huge wuss but the way the lightbulb on the chain swung back into place to reveal the leeches really scared me. This is a great episode!

The other adults hear her scream and help her remove the leeches. Hunter wants Melinda and Jim to leave her alone, so they head off to work on the clues. So far they have ants, ice pick, and leeches. They google Owen and muscular dystrophy and find an Owen Price Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. But the little boy didn’t die from MD, he drowned in the creek. Melinda rushes down there to talk to him. Owen says he is trying to help her but that Tricia has to figure out the game. Melinda says she’ll get Tricia to keep playing if he’ll tell her what happened.

Flashback. Owen can’t cross the stream to play with the other kids, so Tricia helps him with a piece of rope tied to a tree and they play together. The next day the mean kids cut the rope and Tricia isn’t there, so he tries to cross by himself. He slips and drowns in the stream. Owen tells Melinda that he’s been waiting at the stream ever since because he knew Tricia would come back for him. Owen says Tricia is in trouble, but he won’t tell Melinda what it is. He says Tricia has to keep playing.

Tricia reveals to Melinda she found the rope from long ago in her bed. Melinda says it could be “rail” but Tricia offers up “liar.” Back in the apple bucket they find cufflinks that say “RGL.” Back in the drawer they find a gift for Hunter from Christopher. It’s a newspaper article from 12 years ago that identifies Hunter as Robert Langowski. Tricia realizes the “liar” is Hunter.

Tricia digs out their checkbook and finds many checks written to Christopher. Jim says he talked to his police friends and no one named RObert Langowski or Hunter Clayton ever went to Harvard Business School. Tricia storms down to the wedding set-up to confront Hunter. There is a brief confrontation and she runs off.

Melinda goes to the creek to tell Owen that Tricia knows the truth now, but Owen never appears. That night, Jim says maybe Owen finally crossed over. Delia wonders how Owen could’ve known about Hunter’s secret and Melinda says maybe he overheard something while Hunter was there setting up for the wedding. As Melinda cleans up, Owen appears to her and says that Hunter is still at the lodge and is acting weird. Meilnda tries to call Jim at the lodge but he doesn’t answer. She calls Det. Neely and asks him to meet her there.

At the lodge, Jim finds Hunter getting drunk on the wedding champagne and cradling a shotgun in his lap. Hunter wonders if that ghost waited his whole life for someone like Tricia and laughs wryly. He stands up, brandishing the gun, as Det. Neely and Melinda show up. Jim tries to convince Hunter he can start over and Hunter fires the gun at the plate glass door. Det. Neely aims his gun for who he thinks is Hunter and ends up shooting Jim. Melinda gasps and cries and runs inside.

The paramedics arrive and take Jim to the hospital, but he is only shot in the shoulder. Hunter is arrested. At the hospital, Melinda waits with Delia and Eli. Jim finally comes out of surgery and is doing fine. In recovery, Tricia and Natalie show up and Tricia apologizes to Melinda. Natalie and Melinda notice that Owen is there. Owen tells Tricia to look hard and she says, “I only see my girl” and Owen says, “You still see everything that matters.” Awww. Owen cries and Tricia thanks him, then he says, “No, thank you. You were my friend.” He then wonders what the light is and Melinda tells him he sees it because he did a really good job. He says good-bye and disappears. Man, I cannot watch this show without crying. I’m such a sap!

Melinda goes into recovery and stays by Jim’s bedside until he wakes up. When he does, he says to her, “Mel, there’s a thing that happened. It’s called an embolism.” He then asks her to remember him this way, as he flatlines and the doctors rush into his room. Melinda starts to cry as Jim’s ghost tells her he has always loved her. She begs, “Please not you” and he disappears. Aw man! Are you KIDDING ME?

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New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & Threshold 4.07 Video Preview

In the last scene Jim flat-lines and the hospital staff tries to revive him does he live or really die?….READ MORE SPOILERS FROM NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE THRESHOLD

Last night on ““, it was revealed how Melinda has to face the biggest fear in her life, the death of her loved one. In the next episode of the show, Melinda will get used to the changes after her husband Jim leaves the living world and becomes a ghost who promises to stay by her side.

“Threshold” will see Melinda trying to cope with the dramatic changes in her personal life, while at the same time struggles to help a desperate teenage ghost.  Melinda finds it difficult to go on with her calling as a ghost whisperer after the tragedy, but she talks to a ghost that says she thinks she helped kill Melinda’s husband. The ghost named Caitlin is Detective Neely’s (who shot Jim) step-daughter. Caitlin believes she help kill Jim because her step-father was distracted and distraught because of her recent death. Meanwhile, Jim begins to see how things work from the other side.

Joanna Cassidy (“Six Feet Under”) will guest star as Faith Clancy in the episode that will air November 14.

In an interview with TV Guide, Jim’s depicter David Conrad shared of how the audience will see Jim after his death. He said,”I think they’ll see a Jim like they’ve never seen before. I think he’ll find out who his true self is, though it might take a long time. That’s cryptic.” — Ace Showbiz

About that thing that (sniff) happened last night (sniff, sniff) on ‘Ghost Whisperer’

by Mandi Bierly, EW

Spoilerphobes, don’t press play. The rest of us will be discussing the episode after the jump.

I’ve known Jim’s death was coming since my colleague Michael Ausiello confirmed the news (and asked me to describe David Conrad’s character for him, and I rambled on about Jim wearing wifebeaters to bed — professional!). But I think that spoiler made watching last night’s episode even more painful. When Jim went back to the cabin, alone, at night, I sat on my couch saying, “No, Jim. No.” (The chairs couldn’t wait, Jim. Really?) When that detective shot into the cabin, not knowing whether he’d be hitting Jim or the jilted fiancé, I wanted his badge. (How do you feel about that shot? ) When Owen, the little ghost with leg braces, made me cry at the hospital, I knew I was seriously vulnerable. (“No, thank you… you were my friend” — I can’t believe it got me!) And when Melinda finally realized that the Jim she was speaking with wasn’t the Jim in the hospital bed, I lost it. “Please, not you. Please, not you.” I’m gonna write something I’ve never written before: Well done, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

What do you think of how Jim’s death played out? And where would you like the story line to go now? (I’m up for anything that gives Conrad more to do. I’ve loved him since Relativity.)

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