Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: “What More Do I Need”

Felicityhuffman_desperatehousewives Tonight’s episode kept the action moving right along, with several more jaw-dropping reveals…..

Lynette: Lynette accuses Tom of cheating. A comical misunderstanding ensues, but is rapidly replaced by less-comical horror when all parties realize that Porter is sleeping with his best friend’s mom. Yeah, EW. Porter claims to love her, and agrees to end it but threatens to move out if they tell Ann’s “psycho” husband. In the bathroom at a PTA meeting, Lynette finally loses her cool (after holding it for an admirable time) and shoves Ann into the wall, slapping and threatening her after Ann claims to love Porter. Again, given the situation, I’m going to say Lynette is showing admirable restraint here…. Continue reading »

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