Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Rumors: Erica Hahn dies? Callie Leaving?

I found some interesting rumors or spoilers floating around that Erica Hahn dies in a car crash and that Callie will be leaving the show around episode 15 or 16, and that Melissa George, Sadie will be Mark’s new love interest. The only possibility that could be true is a Sadie and Mark coupling; they’re both bad, adventurous, sexually charged characters and sparks seem natural! We’ll have to wait & see.

Rumor: Will Erica die? – Spoiler TV

No source, sorry. It’s only a rumor that is going around in some forums.

I just wanted to prepare you guys for what goes down with Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). They do not leave it open for her return. They don’t outright say that she’s dead, but it makes it obvious.

She leaves at the end of the episode because she resigns at Seattle Grace. The reason she resigns is that her patient, the one that Izzie stole the heart from in Season Two, is treated at Seattle Grace. She finds out what Izzie did and gets upset when everyone, even Callie, defends Izzie.

She operates on her patient and tells the family that she hopes the procedure will be enough for him to survive with until a heart becomes available. After that, Callie tells Erica that she can’t be with her anymore and Erica leaves. You see her drive away.

The next thing you see is someone calling UNOS to say that they have a heart for the guy at Seattle Grace, the one who has been waiting for two years. They say it’s a healthy, 41 year old female.

And then you see Denny’s ghost (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hold out his hand and smile. But you don’t see Erica. You just know it’s her.

Rumor: Sara Ramirez Departing? — Spoiler TV

I’ve just spoken with a contact at and she is confirming that Brooke Smith is not the only one being let go. Apparently Sara Ramirez will be exiting at roughly episode 15 or 16 and they’re jockeying for an interview with her. According to what I’ve been told, Melissa George has been brought in for Mark’s character because the ABC brass wanted a ‘name’ actor for him and liked Melissa from her stint on Alias. The head honchos are the ones who lured Melissa George into the show and asked Rhimes to create a backstory for her that would connect her with Meredith (or another established character) to ‘ground her’ with roots from the beginning. Source: MisterE@TWOP

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  1. jdmschool

     /  November 10, 2008

    I believe this may be relevant to your interests:

    The School of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  2. love Grey’s Anatomy,can’t wat to see what is going to be happening. Don’t you just love it!


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