Gossip Girl Spoilers: Preview “The Magnificent Archibalds”

It’s a Thanksgiving celebration on “” but is there something to celebrate? The new episode will see Nate leaving New York and his relationship with Vanessa getting complicated. Blair and Chuck come to their friend’s aid when Nate is once again forced to confront his father’s abandonment.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving in the Waldorf household finds Blair upset that her mom’s new boyfriend, Cyrus, has decided to ruin all her favorite traditions. Lily finds herself trying to broker a peace treaty between Rufus and Jenny who is prepared to cut off all communication with her father if she doesn’t get her way.

Serena isn’t quite ready to come clean with Aaron about her complicated past, but Dan ends up accidentally revealing a few tidbits of his own. Finally, Eric discovers a secret that Bart has been keeping from Lily.

“The Magnificent Archibalds” will air November 17 at 8/7c on The CW. — Ace Showbiz

Heros Episode Recap: “Villains”

Kristenbell_heroes_s2_240 Say this for Monday’s Heroes: At least it didn’t repeat the “Several Months Ago” structure of the back story-revealing flashback episodes from seasons one and two. And we got to see a few previously unknown connections between some of the characters. But what, exactly, are we supposed to take away from “Villains”?

We knew Arthur Petrelli was a bad guy already. We’ve been learning that Sylar’s thirst for new powers is as much addiction as eeevilness. And we knew that Meredith harbors some resentment toward Primatech because of Claire. Why we needed to have that reiterated to us in an hour of flashbacks — courtesy of Hiro’s spirit walk — escapes me a little bit.

Some of the episode’s details were mildly interesting: Arthur Petrelli “died” because Angela poisoned him after discovering that part of his plan involved killing Nathan. Bad-guy firestarter Flint is Meredith’s brother, and the poor sucker thought he was being recruited when Company agent Thompson (a returning Eric Roberts) captured him — apparently with Claude’s help (Flint says something about an invisible man tackling him outside the store he and Meredith were robbing). HRG and Elle used to work together, and apparently Elle used to be kind of nice.

But I really felt like the episode was just showing us things Heroes has already shown us this fall (clever title cards aside), and other than the filling in of those details, nothing much was accomplished. We’re no closer to understanding, for instance, why it is that Arthur wants to give everyone powers and why that will then bring about the end of the world, which is kind of the point of this arc. There has to be a way for this show to do flashbacks that doesn’t kill whatever momentum had been building in prior episodes…..

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Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck Versus the Ex”

Adambaldwin_chuck_s2_240 Chuck has faced a thousand threats, but nothing is more terrifying than meeting the girl who broke his heart all those years ago. Well, maybe needles, but the girl is a very close second.

Remember a couple of episodes ago when Sarah went through the hell of having to pretend to be a yogurt-slinging wannabe actress in front of a high-school rival? Chuck gets to experience something hauntingly similar when he runs into Jill, the girl who broke his heart when she dumped him over the cheating scandal at Stanford, and then jumped into bed with Bryce Larkin. She’s now a big-shot biochemist who will be presenting at an international conference — a conference where Chuck was called to fix the network. He, of course, lies through his teeth that he’s a wildly successful computer entrepreneur, then beats a hasty retreat — but not before he flashes on Jill’s boss, Guy LaFleur.

Said boss is French, and therefore obviously evil. OK, maybe not, but he’s suspected of making a bioweapon and shopping it around to the highest bidder. General Beckman orders Chuck to cozy up to Jill and look for more flashes. The CIA does try to cushion the blow a bit by giving him a fabulous cover identity and a restaurant full of CIA sycophants. Of course, Chuck nearly blows it by verbally dope-slapping Jill for abandoning him when he needed her most, but he recovers and the night goes well. Until, of course, Jeff and Lester drive by and blow his cover. Sigh…..

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: “Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous”

Onetreehill_girls_s5_240One Tree Hill does one for the troops by framing tonight’s events completely around a USO show, causing this episode to feel more like a music video than it usually does. This is a good thing.

The hour opens with the promised USO Show for Derek’s Marine base, and Haley is up as the first act on the bill. She tries to start singing and completely freezes up…but never fear, as it was only a dream! She expresses her stress about the upcoming show to Nathan, and it leads to a very cute remembrance of the first time she sang to him at Karen’s Cafe. Aw, season one. I miss you. Haley is still freaking out on the day of the show, even when the erstwhile Mia (Kate Voegele) shows up and gives her a lot of support and just a little bit grief for her nervousness. She gives a panicked Haley the first line of her song just before Haley goes on stage and sings “Feel This,” which we’ve heard before and is a gorgeous song. Can someone please give Bethany Joy Galeotti a recording contract already? Mark Schwahn, perhaps you can take care of that with your new CBS Records deal? Thanks. Haley is obviously elated by being on stage again and Derek thinks Haley was awesome as well, asking her when she’s going on tour again. Haley says she won’t be touring because she made the choice to stay at home with her family, and it’s the right choice for her…. Continue reading »

90210 & Supernatural Nominated for People’s Choice Awards!

35th Annual People’s Choice Awards Nominees in TV

People’s Choice Awards is one of the events that leads to the Oscar next year but unlike the prestigious awards show, the winners of People’s Choice will be voted by movie, TV and music fans. Voting line has been opened and can be accessed at Pcavote.com in which it can also be seen other nominees from movie and music. The ceremony to hand out the prizes will be held on January 7 at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium, broadcast live by CBS at 9/8c and hosted by .  — Source: Ace Showbiz














Gossip Girl Episode Recap: “Bonfire of the Vanity”


Rufus makes pasta sauce (which will, presumably, be poured over waffles) while Dan wonders at his father’s calmness in the face of losing the lone remaining female Humphrey. Rufus exposits that he has met Agnes and Agnes’ mother, with whom Jenny is staying for the time being. Dan runs out the door to meet with Noah Shapiro, who loved Dan’s Charlie Trout story and is planning on writing him a Yale recommendation: Rufus is predictably torn between Humphrey-judgmental and really, really jealous about the fact that his kids are well on their way to being more famous than he ever was. Blair, Serena and the Headbands begin planning Blair’s 18th birthday party, and Blair begs off for the night to meet Eleanor’s new boyfriend at dinner. (Side note: how awesome would it be if everyone Eleanor ever dates on this show is blatantly, obviously gay to everyone except Eleanor? Doesn’t she seem like one of those women?) Serena smirks that Aaron has been sending her maps to romantic places, since they are apparently now dating, even though he’s clearly slimy. She follows the map to Times Square, and she sees herself on the Jumbotron, and the Kings of Leon kick up, and Aaron kisses her in the middle of the street as she agrees to pose for him. Which, when there are YouTube videos of you not only having sex but killing some poor schlub, isn’t that big a deal……Continue reading »

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers & Scoop!

What’s ahead for Kitty and Robert on Brothers & Sisters?
Besides heading for adoption, there is a rocky patch coming for the couple. Rob Lowe told me, “Senator McCallister is very ambitious. He’s very, very driven, and he doesn’t let anything stop him. I think that’s going to be a problem for the happy marriage.” Argh! It’s also probably not going to go over well when the birth mother of his and Kitty’s soon-to-be-adopted baby is about to deliver just as
McAllister is announcing his candidacy for governor on live TV….. Justin (Dave Annable) is going to set Saul (Ron Rifkin) up on a date this week, and it does not go over well. Another set of lovers will have some trouble as well when Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) gets a promotion, and Kevin’s (Matthew Rhys) manhood is threatened. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.14: Owning It Airdate: January/February 2009

Kitty meets with Marc Wilson, the president of Wexley University . He offers her a job as dean of the journalism school. Tommy works with a man named Kent Vaughn to buy shares of the company without Holly knowing. Rebecca finds some info about Tommy’s doings. Justin still is Chelsea ‘s sponsor. Nora and Sarah throw a baby showed for Kitty. Saul, Kevin and Scotty also appear. — Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 3.15: Lost and Found Airdate: February 2009

Kitty is being interviewed by Times Magazine but later finds, though Kevin, that someone killed the story. Nora finally meets Ryan at the coffee house where he works. She invites him to her house for the weekend. Holly meets with attorney Walter Geary. During the meeting she learns more about the company that bought some shares in episode 3.14 and the fact that Tommy will have majority ownership of Ojai Foods. Rebecca, Saul, Robert and David also appear. — Source: SpoilerFix.com

Major Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Hostility Reigns in Eposode 3.16!

Smallville Spoilers: Episode Spoilers & Tori Spelling Returns to ‘Smallville’! Is ‘90210’ Next?

Episode 8.09: Abyss Airdate: November 13, 2008

11/08 – One of the sort-of-flashbacks seen in “Abyss” will be Chloe’s discovery of Clark’s secret in “Pariah.” Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.13: Power Airdate: January/February 2009

Some Luthorcorp experiments are being done involving Lana. Apparently these experiments are what is keeping her alive. Dr. Grohl (the scientist from “Arrow” and “Fallout” who was recently seen again in “Instinct”) is involved with these experiments, which may also have ties to Project: Ares from previous seasons. The three series regulars to appear in this episode are Tom Welling (Clark), Allison Mack (Chloe), and Cassidy Freeman (Tess). — Source: KryptonSite

Exclusive: Tori Spelling Returns to ‘Smallville’! Is ‘90210’ Next?

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Torispelling_lColor me gobsmacked: Tori Spelling is appearing on a CW show, and it’s not 90210. At least not yet anyway. (More on that in a sec.)

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Spelling has finalized a deal to return to Smallville as The Daily Planet‘s incredibly liquefying gossip columnist Linda Lake. The camptastic character, first introduced in a Jan. ’07 episode, is unique among Smallville‘s long line of villains in one very significant way: She knows Clark’s secret.

Now for the other piece of this story: My Peach Pit mole confirms that after numerous false starts, Spelling is once again engaged in “preliminary talks” to reprise her role as everyone’s favorite ex-virgin, Donna Martin, on 90210: New Flavor.

As you’ll recall, Aaron’s little girl was all set to head back to her former zip code earlier in the season, but she backed out in an alleged dispute over moolah. Or was it because she just had a baby? Depends who you ask!

If the 90210 deal materializes, and that’s still a big if, I’m told Spelling would likely show up in the spring. Her one-episode Smallville return, meanwhile, is set in stone for early ’09.

What say you, Smallville fans? Excited to see Clark’s liquid nightmare back? Are you, like me, hoping it’s a precursor to a 90210 return later in the season? The comments section awaits your feedback!

New Chuck Spoilers!

Chuck When our man Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) runs into his old college flame Jill (Jordana Brewster) tonight, he’ll lie about working at Buy More and play Rico Suave to impress her, but the jig is soon up thanks to a few Nerd Herders. And once she finds out Chuck’s a CIA agent, she’ll be by his side. Hmmm…I smell something fishy about this Jill chickadee! (And no, she doesn’t work at Long John Silver’s.) I think there’s a chance for Chuck and Sara after all. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Chuck Spies a Rekindled Romance, with Jordana Brewste

by Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

When Chuck spies an ex-girlfriend — actually, the ex-girlfriend, college sweetheart Jill — it sets in motion a reunion that throws a new wrench in the oft-derailed Chuck-Sarah romance. In this Q&A, Jordana Brewster reveals how her love for Gossip led to her three-episode arc on the NBC comedy, which kicks off Monday at 8 pm/ET. Plus: Brewster previews Fast & Furious 4 and reflects on how she almost filled Angelina Jolie’s shoes.

TVGuide.com: I must say, you make as good a slow-motion entrance as Yvonne Strahovksi does.
Brewster: You know what, I totally asked for a slo-mo. I’m so glad they gave it to me!

TVGuide.com: Were you a fan of Chuck beforehand?
Brewster: I actually am a big fan of Gossip Girl [which is exec-produced by Chuck creator Josh Schwartz]. But I went on a Chuck binge and saw the whole first season on iTunes. I love the show.

TVGuide.com: Jill is a cutting-edge scientist. Is it fun playing someone so bookish?
Brewster: I love it, even though I was not at all familiar with the terms I was saying. But having to straddle the comedy world and the dramatic world, and playing a smart, sassy girl, was fun.

TVGuide.com: In your first episode, we see that Sarah is quietly jealous of Jill. Does she ever reveal to you her feelings for Chuck?
Brewster: She alludes to them, but we don’t have an out-and-out talk about it. That tension between her and Chuck needs to keep building.

TVGuide.com: Did you get any scenes with Matt Bomer? Bryce is the one who busted up Chuck and Jill back in college….
Brewster: I didn’t, and I was so bummed! We played boyfriend and girlfriend in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, so it would have been really weird.

TVGuide.com: You did, however, get to witness the most unexpected kiss in the show’s short history….
Brewster: And that was on my first day, by the way. It let me see how gutsy they are and how they really, really go for it. [Laughs] They had fun with that. [One of the actors involved] is such a macho guy, you would never, ever expect to see him do something like that. And [the other cast member in the scene] is pretty much up for anything.

90210 Spoilers Photos: “Games People Play” & Brenda & Kelly on the Set!

90210 – Episode 1.10 – Games People Play – Promotional Photos – Spoiler TV

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90210 – Set Photos – Spoiler TV

So someone’s pregnant on 90210! I know you know who it is, so just spill it! When is this all going to happen?
I can’t just come right out and tell you, that doesn’t seem right. How ’bout I simply say that I’m hearing her name starts with an ‘A’ and she was just recently added to the cast as a series regular… As for when it’s going down, I’m hearing mid-January. 9-0 will air its last episode of the year on November 18th and then break until 1/6. By the way, Brenda will be in both those hours!! — Source: Zap2IT

90210 – Jessica Stroup on the set — Spoiler TV


Major Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Hostility Reigns in Eposode 3.16!

In Episode 3.16:

Robert McCallister has a press conference to announce he is running for California governor in 2010. Inconveniently the news conference happens while Kitty, Justin & maybe more of the family are waiting for Kitty’s and Robert’s baby to be born. Kitty as usual is nervous that Robert will miss the birth.

Robert decided to run against the sitting governor Eve Kern, who told him during her time of crisis/affair that she would not run again for another term. After the press conference, Kern confronts Robert in his office asks him to endorse her and end his bid and if he continues it, she intends to fight him and says  “I will cut you off at the knees.” After Kern leaves, an intern brings Robert cigars that say “it’s a boy” and “it’s a girl” to celebrate the upcoming birth.

Over at Ojai, Holly’s secretary tells her there’s a board meeting scheduled forthat Wednesday, a special one ahead of the regular scheduled one on the 30th. Her secretary tells Holly that Tommy scheduled it and she wants to know the agenda to prepare it (probably). Holly immediately calls her lawyer Walter Geary suspecting, that Tommy is planning a hostile takeover!

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