Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck Versus the Ex”

Adambaldwin_chuck_s2_240 Chuck has faced a thousand threats, but nothing is more terrifying than meeting the girl who broke his heart all those years ago. Well, maybe needles, but the girl is a very close second.

Remember a couple of episodes ago when Sarah went through the hell of having to pretend to be a yogurt-slinging wannabe actress in front of a high-school rival? Chuck gets to experience something hauntingly similar when he runs into Jill, the girl who broke his heart when she dumped him over the cheating scandal at Stanford, and then jumped into bed with Bryce Larkin. She’s now a big-shot biochemist who will be presenting at an international conference — a conference where Chuck was called to fix the network. He, of course, lies through his teeth that he’s a wildly successful computer entrepreneur, then beats a hasty retreat — but not before he flashes on Jill’s boss, Guy LaFleur.

Said boss is French, and therefore obviously evil. OK, maybe not, but he’s suspected of making a bioweapon and shopping it around to the highest bidder. General Beckman orders Chuck to cozy up to Jill and look for more flashes. The CIA does try to cushion the blow a bit by giving him a fabulous cover identity and a restaurant full of CIA sycophants. Of course, Chuck nearly blows it by verbally dope-slapping Jill for abandoning him when he needed her most, but he recovers and the night goes well. Until, of course, Jeff and Lester drive by and blow his cover. Sigh…..

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