Gossip Girl Episode Recap: “Bonfire of the Vanity”


Rufus makes pasta sauce (which will, presumably, be poured over waffles) while Dan wonders at his father’s calmness in the face of losing the lone remaining female Humphrey. Rufus exposits that he has met Agnes and Agnes’ mother, with whom Jenny is staying for the time being. Dan runs out the door to meet with Noah Shapiro, who loved Dan’s Charlie Trout story and is planning on writing him a Yale recommendation: Rufus is predictably torn between Humphrey-judgmental and really, really jealous about the fact that his kids are well on their way to being more famous than he ever was. Blair, Serena and the Headbands begin planning Blair’s 18th birthday party, and Blair begs off for the night to meet Eleanor’s new boyfriend at dinner. (Side note: how awesome would it be if everyone Eleanor ever dates on this show is blatantly, obviously gay to everyone except Eleanor? Doesn’t she seem like one of those women?) Serena smirks that Aaron has been sending her maps to romantic places, since they are apparently now dating, even though he’s clearly slimy. She follows the map to Times Square, and she sees herself on the Jumbotron, and the Kings of Leon kick up, and Aaron kisses her in the middle of the street as she agrees to pose for him. Which, when there are YouTube videos of you not only having sex but killing some poor schlub, isn’t that big a deal……Continue reading »

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