New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers & Scoop!

What’s ahead for Kitty and Robert on Brothers & Sisters?
Besides heading for adoption, there is a rocky patch coming for the couple. Rob Lowe told me, “Senator McCallister is very ambitious. He’s very, very driven, and he doesn’t let anything stop him. I think that’s going to be a problem for the happy marriage.” Argh! It’s also probably not going to go over well when the birth mother of his and Kitty’s soon-to-be-adopted baby is about to deliver just as
McAllister is announcing his candidacy for governor on live TV….. Justin (Dave Annable) is going to set Saul (Ron Rifkin) up on a date this week, and it does not go over well. Another set of lovers will have some trouble as well when Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) gets a promotion, and Kevin’s (Matthew Rhys) manhood is threatened. — Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.14: Owning It Airdate: January/February 2009

Kitty meets with Marc Wilson, the president of Wexley University . He offers her a job as dean of the journalism school. Tommy works with a man named Kent Vaughn to buy shares of the company without Holly knowing. Rebecca finds some info about Tommy’s doings. Justin still is Chelsea ‘s sponsor. Nora and Sarah throw a baby showed for Kitty. Saul, Kevin and Scotty also appear. — Source:

Episode 3.15: Lost and Found Airdate: February 2009

Kitty is being interviewed by Times Magazine but later finds, though Kevin, that someone killed the story. Nora finally meets Ryan at the coffee house where he works. She invites him to her house for the weekend. Holly meets with attorney Walter Geary. During the meeting she learns more about the company that bought some shares in episode 3.14 and the fact that Tommy will have majority ownership of Ojai Foods. Rebecca, Saul, Robert and David also appear. — Source:

Major Brothers & Sisters Spoilers! Hostility Reigns in Eposode 3.16!

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