One Tree Hill Episode Recap: “Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous”

Onetreehill_girls_s5_240One Tree Hill does one for the troops by framing tonight’s events completely around a USO show, causing this episode to feel more like a music video than it usually does. This is a good thing.

The hour opens with the promised USO Show for Derek’s Marine base, and Haley is up as the first act on the bill. She tries to start singing and completely freezes up…but never fear, as it was only a dream! She expresses her stress about the upcoming show to Nathan, and it leads to a very cute remembrance of the first time she sang to him at Karen’s Cafe. Aw, season one. I miss you. Haley is still freaking out on the day of the show, even when the erstwhile Mia (Kate Voegele) shows up and gives her a lot of support and just a little bit grief for her nervousness. She gives a panicked Haley the first line of her song just before Haley goes on stage and sings “Feel This,” which we’ve heard before and is a gorgeous song. Can someone please give Bethany Joy Galeotti a recording contract already? Mark Schwahn, perhaps you can take care of that with your new CBS Records deal? Thanks. Haley is obviously elated by being on stage again and Derek thinks Haley was awesome as well, asking her when she’s going on tour again. Haley says she won’t be touring because she made the choice to stay at home with her family, and it’s the right choice for her…. Continue reading »

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