Smallville Spoilers: Episode Spoilers & Tori Spelling Returns to ‘Smallville’! Is ‘90210’ Next?

Episode 8.09: Abyss Airdate: November 13, 2008

11/08 – One of the sort-of-flashbacks seen in “Abyss” will be Chloe’s discovery of Clark’s secret in “Pariah.” Source: KryptonSite

Episode 8.13: Power Airdate: January/February 2009

Some Luthorcorp experiments are being done involving Lana. Apparently these experiments are what is keeping her alive. Dr. Grohl (the scientist from “Arrow” and “Fallout” who was recently seen again in “Instinct”) is involved with these experiments, which may also have ties to Project: Ares from previous seasons. The three series regulars to appear in this episode are Tom Welling (Clark), Allison Mack (Chloe), and Cassidy Freeman (Tess). — Source: KryptonSite

Exclusive: Tori Spelling Returns to ‘Smallville’! Is ‘90210’ Next?

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Torispelling_lColor me gobsmacked: Tori Spelling is appearing on a CW show, and it’s not 90210. At least not yet anyway. (More on that in a sec.)

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Spelling has finalized a deal to return to Smallville as The Daily Planet‘s incredibly liquefying gossip columnist Linda Lake. The camptastic character, first introduced in a Jan. ’07 episode, is unique among Smallville‘s long line of villains in one very significant way: She knows Clark’s secret.

Now for the other piece of this story: My Peach Pit mole confirms that after numerous false starts, Spelling is once again engaged in “preliminary talks” to reprise her role as everyone’s favorite ex-virgin, Donna Martin, on 90210: New Flavor.

As you’ll recall, Aaron’s little girl was all set to head back to her former zip code earlier in the season, but she backed out in an alleged dispute over moolah. Or was it because she just had a baby? Depends who you ask!

If the 90210 deal materializes, and that’s still a big if, I’m told Spelling would likely show up in the spring. Her one-episode Smallville return, meanwhile, is set in stone for early ’09.

What say you, Smallville fans? Excited to see Clark’s liquid nightmare back? Are you, like me, hoping it’s a precursor to a 90210 return later in the season? The comments section awaits your feedback!

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