90210 Episode 1.10 Recap: “Games People Play”

90210 has been without the overt bitchiness expected of it for most of the season. Until tonight. The entire episode was a vengeance ploy by Naomi to get back at Annie, who has been secretly hooking up with her ex-boyfriend Ethan. A pretty typical prime time soap opera story line, except that Naomi goes to ridiculous lengths to exact the revenge she desires. She’s kind of a loon. Story-wise, this is what, I think, fans have been waiting for. Unfortunately, the execution wasn’t quite there. 90210 hasn’t yet shown the consistency of a quality show. The potential is there, 90210 just has to harness it.

The story, once again, revolves around a party. Annie is turning 16 years old, so she’s having a Sweet Sixteen party. Naomi knows that Ethan and Annie are hooking up, but Ethan and Annie don’t know that she knows. To get back at her, Naomi decides to secretly fly in Annie’s ex, Jason, from Kansas. Chaos ensues. Meanwhile, Ryan Matthews begins his leave of absence, as all the students think that he has hooked up with a student. They still do not know that she is a Narc. Kelly Taylor returns home and is shocked to learn about Ryan….READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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