Secret Life of the American Teenager Spoilers!

Here’s some interesting spoilers Jason Priestley disclosed to TV Guide on the new season of a Secret Life of the American Teenager

Jason Priestley is in the midst of directing his fourth of five episodes of Secret Life, set to return Jan. 5. He promises that while Ben and Amy get married, it doesn’t necessarily mean Amy has broken things off completely with Ricky, the father of her baby. Not that Priestley gave too much away.

“There’s a — ohhh man. Gotta pretty tight-lipped about all this Secret Life stuff,” he said. “Ben and Amy go through with their wedding but then obviously…. Amy and Ricky try to… Amy and Ricky sort of… This is tough, I’m gonna get in trouble if I tell you too much.”

Is there early marital trouble?

“Things don’t go as planned,” Priestley said. “Let me put it to you that way.” Source: TV Guide

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