America’s Next Top Model: Kristin thinks the Winner will be McKey!

The Top Model Winner Has to Be…


ANTM, Analeigh, Samantha, McKey, Marjorie

Ever since Mr. Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander told me the winner of this cycle of America’s Next Top Model is “obvious,” the answer has proven anything but, right?

Well, I’m now told that’s because those sneaky ANTM editors and producers have gone to great lengths all season long to conceal just how obvious this winner is.

“Trust me, whenever it’s kind of obvious they cut it out because they don’t want to give it away,” explains Mr. Jay.

That said, I’m now convinced the winner has to be…

The CW

ANTM, McKey Sullivan

McKey—don’t you think? Who else have we seen so very little of this season? Who else knocked the socks off all the designers at her “go-sees” in Amsterdam last week, booking every single one of her potential jobs?

They may be able to edit the judges’ praise and adoration, but they couldn’t edit out that, and being 100 percent bankable to designers is key.

McKey has flown so far under the radar (think about it: very little footage of her behind the scenes has been shown compared to the other girls), and yet the occasional comments we do hear about her include how “stunning” and “striking” her face is—not to mention she’s just about as tall and modelesque as they come. And she even rocks impressive designer duds at panel!

Personally, I am sold.

Meanwhile, though, has just released the following odds on ANTM, placing Analeigh as the front-runner:

  • Analeigh (2-to-1)
  • McKey (9-to-4)
  • Marjorie (7-to-2)
  • Samantha (6-to-1)

Who is right? Who are you feeling? Check out the sneak peeks of tomorrow night’s new ep below, and then post your personal predictions in the comments…

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     /  May 13, 2009

    McK3y W0n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wh0s G0nn@ win the next CYCLE ??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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