Latest Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers! Plus Preview!

Kevin McKidd has been promoted to a series regular.  — Michael Auseillo

Sadie’s arrival will prompt Cristina – who feels displaced by her best friend’s old best friend – to be a better sounding board for Derek, and that just might ease the tension in the lovebirds’ overcrowded house.  — TV Guide

The show is looking for a famous actress to play a thirtysomething patient for a three-episode guest arc. She’s said to be funny, warm, have a sense of humor and be a girl next door type. — Kristin on E!Online

Grey’s Anatomy Sneaks: Meet the New Blood

The enemy of my enemy is my friend! McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) find they have common ground after all when they are both thrown out of Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) bed by the newly arrived Melissa George. Derek and Cristina might not have Mer, but they’re pretty funny together without her!

Also new in town? Mary McDonnell, who makes her first appearance in this episode as a heart surgeon with Asperger’s syndrome, which makes her behave, like, well, Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory or Reid from Criminal Minds. See for yourself…

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