New Desperate Housewives Spoilers! Preview: “City on Fire”

A fire will destroy not only a venue, but also a desperate housewife’s life. In the new episode of ““, everyone has gathered at a club to see the guys play in the annual “Battle of the Bands” when a fire erupts, threatening the lives of those in attendance. Some will fall as a hero will rise.

Cast spilled last month that somebody may not survive the incident, saying “We end the episode with someone not making it out of the fire.” Furthermore, creator Marc Cherry also said that this is going to be a huge episode. “It’s one of the biggest special-effects episodes we’ve ever done, actually more difficult than the tornado,” he said, adding “The nightclub gets set on fire. It’s connected to the mystery, and it’s going to be a huge episode.”

Meanwhile, Susan’s daughter Julie comes to visit with her surprising new boyfriend. Gaby uncovers the unsettling truth about Mrs. Hildebrand’s past and Katherine has a confession to make to Susan. A reporter looks to expose Bree’s imperfections and Lynette learns Porter and Anne Schilling plan to leave Fairview and disappear.

The episode will be called “City on Fire” and present Tokyo Police Club making a guest star appearance as one of the bands that will battle Dave’s band at a local club. It will be aired on November 16. — Ace Showbiz

Episode 5.09: Me and My Town (fka “The Road You Didn’t Take”)
Airdate: November 30, 2008

  • For Gaby and Carlos, injuries sustained in the fire lead to a fortunate discovery. But for most, the consequences are less forgiving. Lynette and Tom vow to protect son Porter at any cost; Susan must learn to let go of the man she loves; and Orson’s attempt at a good night’s sleep puts Bree in a most precarious, though amusing, position on the day of her big cooking demonstration. Guest stars include Kathryn Joosten as Mrs. McCluskey, Gail O’Grady as Anne Schilling and Lily Tomlin as Roberta. Source: ABC
  • Peter: A good-looking gay plastic surgeon around 30, his boyfriend wants him to meet the family. Recurring. Dr. Basch: A middle-aged male surgeon, he has good news for his patient. Debby: A prudish middle-aged event coordinator for a Williams Sonoma-type store, she organizes a cooking demonstration for children. Denise: A sassy 9-10 year old girl, she is chosen from the small audience to take part in a cooking demonstration. Source: SpoilerTV

Todd Grinnell […] will play the plastic surgeon performing a little nip/tuck (or is it a skin graft?) on a Wisteria resident. Source: The Ausiello Files

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