New Greek Spoilers for Season 2.5 (3)!

Greek – Episode 2.16 – From Rushing With Love – Casting Call

[RHO CHI] Male, age 20-22, this leader of a group of male rushees at KT house blows a whistle and announces it’s time to move on the to next house…CO-STAR(36)

[PRETTY RUSHEE] Female, 18 years old, this pretty, sweet rushee at ZBZ talks with Ashleigh and Casey about Frannie’s new house, and agrees that the IKI girls didn’t seem very nice…CO-STAR (40)
Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 2.17 – Engendered Species – Casting Call

[JORDAN] FEMALE, 18-20. This naturally beautiful, sweet, sexy, and funny “guy’s girl” wears vintage sneakers to class but cleans up really nicely. She catches Rusty’s eye in Art History. They get along famously, and she appreciates his help when she arrives late to class. She becomes a perfect snap pledge for ZBZ, and seemingly the perfect girl for Rusty, too…RECURRING GUEST STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
Source: SpoilerTV

[FISHER] 18-21, male, this hunky, drop dead gorgeous college student who resembles a scruffy, young Brad Pitt, is the new hasher at ZBZ. He gets all the girls hot and bothered, but he’s anxious to stay removed from everyone because he’s been fired from past jobs for engaging in inappropriate relationships. He needs to make money so he can put himself through school, so he doesn’t want any trouble at ZBZ. However, his and one of our Zeta Beta Zeta girl’s attraction for one another won’t be denied…GUEST STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PROFESSOR JANET FREEMAN] Mid 30s to mid 40s, this cool, snappy, intelligent and put-together professor (think Tina Fey) teaches Women in Politics and earns Casey’s admiration. Professor Freeman warns Cappie that each year there is a token male in the course who fails, both academically and with the female students. She also gives Casey advice on her conflict resolution dilemma…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[PROFESSOR SUMMERFIELD] MALE. In his 60s, rumpled, this art history professor teaches Perspectives on the High Renaissance to Rusty, Calvin and Dale’s class. He’s a bit stuffy and hates the internet, but most of the art slides he shows have a sexual element to them that make the class snicker…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 2.18 – Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp – Casting Call

[PATRICK] 25-30, a free spirit who’s been bumming around in Costa Rica, he shows up without any advance warning and takes Evan (Jake McDorman) out for drinks and a talk. He is Evan’s big brother and the black sheep of the family. Patrick cast off his trust fund and rejected his parents’ plans for him, because he felt there were too many strings attached…GUEST STAR. STAR NAMES ONLY (14)

[NATALIE] 20-22, this cute and extremely timid college student is the President of Gamma Psi house. While at ZBZ, she’s in awe of her surroundings. Natalie confirms the suspicion that Fisher the hasher might be a thief…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (24)

[BARISTA] 20-22, this surly, stone-faced, female barista at a coffee house is immune to Cappie’s charms.sptv050769..CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (30)

[BAR PATRON] 20-22, this male bar patron is annoyed when Casey accidentally soaks him with the contents of her shot glass…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (35)
Source: SpoilerTV

Greek – Episode 2.21 – Guilty Treasures Casting Call

[DR. MAGDA STEPHANOPOULOS] In her 50s, attractive and intimidating, with long hair and a professional, stylish-looking suit, she is a renowned, extremely intelligent scientist who has come to campus to recruit research assistants for a month-long project at Oxford. Dr. Magda is tough to impress, and always wants what she can’t have…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[DR. BROOM] In his 50s, uncongenial, he’s an engineering professor who piles on the workload and makes life unpleasant for Max. He’s annoyed when Max crashes a science faculty party…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[OMEGA CHI PLEDGE] 18-20, male, this Omega Chi Pledge accuses Cappie of theft and is confused when Evan contradicts him…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[WAITRESS] 20s. This waitress at Gentleman’s Choice tells Wade that the disco balls he’s brought belong to the other club…CO-STAR. SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
Source: SpoilerTV

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