Smallville Episode 8.9 Recap: “Abyss”

Allison Mack and Sam Witwer, SmallvillePreviously on Smallville: Chloe’s brain was hacked by Brainiac and Davis discovered he’s the super-strong alien son of General Zod.

Chloe’s super hacking brain gets a virus, and suddenly all her memories start turning scenes from The Matrix, only on a much lower budget. The people and places she remembers get deleted until she wakes up in the present and has no idea who Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) is. I’m not sure if Chloe (Allison Mack) forgetting everyone and everything that’s ever been on Smallville is supposed to be good or bad. Surely there are a few sotrylines or characters we’d all like to forget.

If your fiancee couldn’t remember who you were, where is the first place you’d go? The hospital? The police? Jimmy heads straight to Clark (Tom Welling) for assistance. Chloe is equally stupid, going to the local hospital not as a patient, but posing as a med student looking for the library to study amnesia herself. Interestingly enough, she does recognize Davis (Sam Witwer)…..READ FULL RECAP AT BUDDY TV

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  1. Where is subtitles?

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