Ugly Betty Episode Recap: “Tornado Girl”

Short and not sweet: Before Daniel goes to a Meade Publications retreat with the other execs, Betty convinces him to let her give Final Approval to the latest Mode issue that’s themed “Fashion in the Eye of the Storm” in his absence. Once she hears about a devastating tornado decimating Kansas, she realizes that they can’t go to print because the cover featuring a fashion tornado would trivialize the tragedy in the heartland.

Betty naturally tries to get hold of Daniel or Wilhelmina, but they’ve surrendered all of their electronic equipment so they can be focused on the retreat to think of creative revenue-generating schemes. After a botched road trip with Marc and Amanda to reach the execs, Betty hires a plane to skywrite “Daniel Call Betty” in the sky over the retreat. Daniel dutifully contacts Betty and says he’ll stop the shipment … but then Wilhelmina convinces him otherwise.

You see, Wil has a hunch that the callousness of the cover would actually sell issues, and it does result in their highest sales ever. The downside, however, is that Betty has taken the fall since it somehow got out that she had final approval. Immediately she’s a pariah, with the media labeling her Tornado Girl. Daniel’s conscience is pricked, and during a press conference, he finally takes the blame for okaying the issue….Continue reading »

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