More Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Episodes After Jim Dies….

Updates: Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Alive? & Previews: “Heart & Soul” & “Threshold”

The spoilers for the next couple of episodes are kind of sketchy, and don’t mention much about Jim at all. The show will introduce a new character Sam Lucas to be played by Kenneth Mitchell.  He is the body that Jim’s ghost chose to inhabit.  Jim/Sam is an amnesiac that Melinda will be drawn to in episode 4.08 “Heart and Soul.” And what all Ghost Whisperer fans will hate hearing: Melinda starts dating Sam in Episode 4.14 “Slow Burn.” Sam will first appear in Nov. 14’s episode “Threshold.” The actor is Kenneth Mitchell who appeared as one of the brothers in Jericho. So far Jim will in habit Sam’s body for at least the next five episodes. But I would be surprise if the real Sam Lucas wants his body back by season’s end. We are not sure if his spirit went into the light in Threshold or not?

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.09 – Pieces of You – Press Release


“Pieces of You” – Melinda tracks down a girl who has been missing for 12 years and discovers a long-held secret, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, Dec. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

A mystery involving a wishing well uncovers information about the decades-old disappearance of a little girl, now haunting Sam…

Melinda Gordon…………… Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Clancy…………………………… David Conrad
Delia Banks…………………….. Camryn Manheim
Eli James……………………………. Jamie Kennedy
Ned Banks…………………….. Christoph Sanders

Sam Lucas……………………….. Kenneth Mitchell
Girl Ghost (AKA Gretchen Dennis)…… Isabelle Fuhrman
Worker……………………………… Eltony Williams
Travis Ackerman…………………… Kyle Howard
Young Clay (AKA Boy)……….. Austin Thomas
Mrs. Lynette Dennis………….. Isabella Hofmann
Clay Dennis………………………. Jesse John Head
Butcher……………………………………. Lycia Naff
Allison…………………………….. Jamie Silberhartz

WRITTEN BY: Laurie McCarthy
DIRECTED BY: Jim Chressanthis

Source: CBS

Early 20’s to play 18 in a flash back and to be aged to play 30 in present, Caucasian, is Travis’s high school girlfriend, who finds out she is pregnant and must deliver the news to him. Improvisation. CO STAR

This small, 9 to 10 years old to play 8 years old girl ghost who died down a wishing well under mysterious and tragic circumstances appears to be haunting Sam. However, the real object of her anger is her older brother Clay, whom she idolized when she was alive and now blames for her death…GUEST STAR

In his early 20s, a slacker-looking guy who once had a promising future, possibly as a diver, ahead of him, he’s a depressed delivery boy wracked with guilt over his little sister Gretchen’s disappearance years ago. When he is injured in a terrifying accident at work, he fears the incident is related to his past misdeed, a prank gone wrong that ultimately led to Gretchen’s death…GUEST STAR

In his Late 20’s, honest, warm and open, with an urban vibe, he has returned to his small hometown to deal with his late mother’s house and property. He’s got nothing to hide from Melinda and tells her everything he knows about the mysterious wishing well on his mother’s property. He even confides in her about his biggest regret, a shameful mistake he made when he was 18 and his girlfriend was pregnant…GUEST STAR

11-12 years old, seen in visions and flashbacks, he is a younger version of Clay. His little sister Gretchen gets on his nerves because she always wants to tag along. He’s convinced that she slit his bicycle tires so he dismembers her favorite dolls and plays a scary prank on her, using fake blood packs, that he instantly regrets…CO STAR

Gretchen and Clay’s mother, she is in her late 40s and a strong woman who shares a deep bond with her husband over their shared grief and determination to move on. Years ago, her daughter Gretchen went missing, and Clay has never been the same. Mrs. Dennis tells Melinda that Clay suffers from “survivor’s guilt”…1 DAY GUEST

Gretchen and Clay’s father, he is in his late 40s and shares a deep bond with his wife over their shared grief and determination to move on. He believes that his kids’ behavior years ago was normal sibling stuff, but he’s not quite able to face the truth about things…1 DAY GUEST

Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.10 – Ball and Chain

35, a devoted homemaker, she doesn’t seem to realize that she’s a ghost. Disoriented and hazy, Tammy goes about her day, unable to break free from the imprint loop of her activities: shopping at the market and getting her husband Roger’s dry cleaning. She is very distressed to learn that she abandoned her first husband and young sons for Roger, and that she apparently committed suicide. The truth of her demise is much more complicated, and fills her with sadness and regret. She was kidnapped by Roger and held against her will for six years, forced to enact a happy facade until it became a kind of twisted truth…GUEST STAR

Late 30s early 40s, casually good-looking and friendly, he reveals to Melinda that his wife, Tammy, left him a year ago, and he appears unaware that she has since died. According to Roger, Tammy was bi-polar and often disappeared. Now Roger is married to Elizabeth, but he still pines for Tammy and would like to find out where she’s gone. In reality, Roger is a controlling, abusive brute who kidnapped Tammy six years ago and locked her in a secret room. When she rebelled, he staged her suicide. It seems he is now inflicting the same perverse scenario on Elizabeth…GUEST STAR

Roger’s second wife, she is in her mid to late 20s. When Melinda approaches her at the market, Elizabeth becomes nervous and reacts strangely to information about Tammy’s abuse. It turns out that Elizabeth is being held against her will in the same secret room Tammy was forced to endure, and she’s desperate to return to her real family. When she gets the chance for revenge against Roger, Elizabeth longs to kill him, but is prevented from doing so by Melinda. sptv050769 ..GUEST STAR

35, earthy and handsome, he lives in an upscale suburban neighborhood with his two young teenage boys. Six years ago, Thomas’s heart was broken when his wife Tammy (real name Sarah) apparently cheated on him, cleaned out their bank account, and abandoned him and the kids in the middle of the night. In reality, she was abducted, and when Thomas learns the truth about her disappearance, he is devastated all over again, wishing he had searched harder for her. He had always dreamed of growing old with Sarah…GUEST STAR

At the farmer’s market, this male fruit vendor, in his 50’s, is frustrated because his pyramid of apples keeps getting toppled…CO STAR, Please Submit All Ethnicities

At the dry cleaners, this clerk in her early 20’s, frantically calls for help when her electronic clothes dolly spins out of control…CO STAR, Please Submit All Ethnicities

This 10-year-old girl jumping rope tells a perplexed Melinda that there are no kids living next door…CO STAR, Please Submit All Ethnicities


15-16 years old, Caucasian and is tall and lanky, Rich is the son of Tammy and Thomas. Rich feels his mom presents as she is crossing over to the light. CO STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.11 – Life On the Line – Casting and Plot Details

A 14-year-old ghost wants to get his divorced parents and estranged brother back together so they will finally discuss the real reason for his death…

14-16 years old, to play 14, angry and upset, he’s a ghost from a wealthy family who wears blood-soaked clothing and has deep gashes on his arms. He died two years ago in a lawn mower accident, and watched his family fall apart in the aftermath when his father, Doug, incorrectly took the blame for his death. Josh wants his family reunited, and he wants them to realize that his death was nobody’s fault but his own…GUEST STAR (3)

Josh’s father, he’s a wealthy man in his mid 40s who comes from old money, but is very accessible and wears his emotions on his sleeve. When Josh died in a lawn mower accident two years ago, Doug took the blame, even though he wasn’t there, because he didn’t want his other son, Devin, feeling responsible for Josh’s death. The strain on Doug and Elena’s marriage was too great, and ended in divorce. Doug is filled with remorse; he desperately misses his wife and believes they were happy once…GUEST STAR (23)

Josh’s mother, she is an attractive, well-bred woman in her mid 40s who blames her husband Doug for Josh’s death two years ago. She believes he was too lax in raising the kids, and she wants nothing to do with the family estate; she’s left everything behind and longs for a fresh start. The wounds are still deep, however, and when she learns that Doug was not, in fact, responsible for Josh’s death, she breaks down…GUEST STAR (17)

Must be legal 18 – 19, Josh’s guilt-ridden older brother, he’s a student at Williams College who returns home when he begins receiving disturbing cell phone messages from a 911 call made two years ago. He gets arrested for breaking and entering into his family’s ex-estate, and later, he jumps off the roof, but survives the experience and learns to forgive himself for his part in Josh’s death…GUEST STAR (24)

This female 911 operator in her 30s, seen at the call center, fields a panicked phone call from a male voice and tries to talk the caller through the trauma…CO-STAR. sptv050769 PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

This male paramedic in his 30s is on the scene at the Bancroft estate give information to Bobby and Delia…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES
Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.12 and 4.13 – Casting Call

Late 20s – early 30s, gorgeous, sweet, and genuinely likeable. Her self-deprecating humor can disarm most situations, but lately, her usually sunny disposition and big heart have both been hammered by a very rocky love life with a man she’s loved since college, but has turned out to be unreliable in the worst possible way. While she always wants to believe in a person’s better nature, lately she’s been forced into the unfamiliar role of skeptic where romance is concerned.sptv050769..GUEST STAR, RECURRING ROLE Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.12 – Casting Call

early 40’s, a high schoool friend and contemporary of Delia’s (Camryn Manhiem) who’s never quite outgrown high school. Loud, still likes a good party, she represents all that Delia has tried to leave behind. Please Submit All Ethnicities – GUEST STAR

early 40’s, a high schoool friend and contemporary of Delia’s (Camryn Manhiem) who’s never quite outgrown high school. Loud, still likes a good party, shre represents all that Delia has tried to leave behind. Please Submit All Ethnicities – GUEST STAR

17, a friend of Delia’s (Camryn Manhiem), Moria and Jody in high school. The quintessential 1980’s party girl, Angie had a troubled home life and escaped by crashing on her friends florrs and doing more than her share of alcohol and drugs. She’s been dead since high school but still earthbound. still looking for the next great party. GUEST STAR
Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.12 – This Joint’s Haunted – Casting Call

[FRANK WHITTAKER] This blood-speckled ghost in his 40s (charactery) has been trapped in the back of a rental truck for three years. An unwelcome third wheel, he tags along on Melinda and Sam’s road trip. He’s happy to move into the light — but only after Melinda performs a long-overdue favor for him…GUEST STAR

[MYRA] A bit of a character, this 70-something ghost is haunting a storage facility. She’s beside herself because her sister forgot to bury her with her beloved gold brooch — a task she delegates to Melinda…CO STAR, Please Submit All Ethnicities

[WOMAN #2/DRINA] The Burly Guy’s deceased girlfriend, this attractive Spanish speaking woman tells Melinda to repeat a message in Spanish — but she’s actually grossly insulting the Burly Guy’s present girlfriend…CO STAR, Latina

[WOMAN #1] This attractive, Spanish speaking Latina woman is having a quiet drink with the Burly Guy, her boyfriend, when Melinda unwittingly starts a brawl by repeating an insult from the Burly Guy’s dead, jealous girlfriend…CO STAR, Latina

[LOGAN] Ned’s teenage friend, he hears of Ned’s housesitting gig and shows up at Melinda’s house with a bunch of kids in tow, ready to booze it up and party down…CO STAR, Please Submit All Ethnicities

[RENTAL AGENT] This male rental agent,late 20’s early 30’s, finishes the paper work for Sam and Melinda’s rental truck…CO STAR, Please Submit All Ethnicities

[POLICE OFFICER] This male police officer, late 30’s, who is taking part in a big bust of a local club, tells Delia she’ll have to come to headquarters to get any news of her son…CO STAR

[CHERYL] late 20’s early 30’s, This is the old roommate of Nicole “Nikki” Price. Sam convinces her to give him a forwarding number for her, so he contact her. Cheryl is drop dead gorgeous, to make Melinda very jealous Sam is talking to her. CO STAR
Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.13 – Body of Water – Casting Call

When Nikki pays a prolonged visit, Melinda fears that Sam will never reconnect with his true nature. Meanwhile, Melinda discovers a mysterious and vengeful contingent of ghosts at a local lake, where a financially distressed mortician had been secretly dumping bodies scheduled for cremation…

This pale, 50 year old ghost looks ghastly, considering that he died a normal death and was supposedly cremated. Edwin and a huge coterie of other ghosts are congregated in a local lake, where they were dumped by a financially troubled mortician. Bent on a mission of vengeance against the mortician, Edwin and his fellow spirits are holding back from the light. But a moving memorial ceremony convinces Edwin that no shame has attached to his circumstances. Inspired by his family’s love, he’s finally able to move on to his reward…GUEST STAR

This old, frail, obviously dying man in his 60s has a guilty secret on his conscience. The mortician at a funeral home that had been in his family for generations, Carl fell on hard times and began dumping bodies scheduled for cremation in the local lake. Now, convinced by Melinda that he will be able to move into the light, he dies in peace — only to find himself beleaguered by a gang of angry ghosts out for vengeance. But later, Carl embraces a chance to make reparation for his past, and gain redemption in the process…GUEST STAR

Edwin’s daughter (18-22 years old), this lively college coed is out swimming in the lake when she feels a terrifying ghostly presence pulling at her. Later, Pauline learns that her father’s body, supposedly cremated, was actually dumped in the lake by a local mortician. After the initial shock, however, Pauline is ready to forgive, forget and move on — an attitude that inspires her angry father’s spirit to do likewise…GUEST STAR

Edwin’s widow, late 40’s to 50, she still feels guilty for asking her daughter, Pauline, to identify Edwin’s body when he had a stroke without any i.d. on him. Later, Marlene speaks eloquently at a belated memorial service, and her healing words help the troubled lake spirits, including Edwin, let go of their anger and move into the light sptv050769…GUEST STAR

This grave but warm woman, 60, welcomes Melinda, who has come to visit her dying husband, Carl. She’s grateful to Melinda for easing Carl’s passing…CO STAR

Pauline’s boyfriend (20-22 years old), this college student tries to calm the horrified Pauline, who has just had an eerie experience while swimming in the lake…CO STAR

Pauline’s college friends (18-22 years old), these girls are also disturbed by the creepy turn their lake outing takes…CO STAR, Please Submit All Ethnicities
Source: SpoilerTV

Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.14 – Slow Burn – Casting Call

As Melinda and Sam decide to give dating a try, Melinda must also help the ghost of DEBORAH MARKS protect her teenage daughter from a supposedly bad-news boyfriend…

[DEBORAH MARKS] In her early 40s, accomplished, she’s a civil litigation lawyer who is married to a judge. Deborah died one month ago in an accident that left her bruised and seemingly burned. She begs Melinda for help in preventing her daughter, Kira, from spending time with Tim Dwight, one of Deborah’s work-probation kids. Deborah rescued Tim from juvie and tried to set him on a new path, but now she regrets ever bringing him into her and her family’s life…GUEST STAR (7)

[KIRA MARKS] Legal 18 to play 17 years old, troubled and frustrated, with bitterly conflicted feelings about her late mother Debora, she is a high school student who used to be in orchestra with Ned. Kira’s date to the dance is a total creep, so she calls her older friend and crush, Tim, to come pick her up. Kira is convinced that her mother wanted Tim for herself, and she fears that Deborah cared more about her work-probation charity cases than her own daughter…GUEST STAR (5)

[DOUGLAS MARKS] In his mid 40s, imposing but a bit worn out, he’s a newly-appointed judge who met and fell in love with his late wife Deborah when he was in law school and she was an undergrad. He hasn’t had the heart to look through the items in her safe yet, and reveals to Melinda that he’s not thrilled about his daughter Kira hanging out with Tim Dwight…GUEST STAR (15)

[TIM DWIGHT] 20 years old, rugged and protective, he spent time in juvie for a robbery and was rescued by Deborah Marks, who got him a work-probation job at her law firm. Tim feels a connection to Deborah’s 17-year-old daughter Kira, and picks her up from the dance when her date proves to be a jerk, but he doesn’t encourage her crush. Now, just when he’s about to turn his life around, he’s considered a suspect in Deborah’s death. sptv050769 ..GUEST STAR (6)

[GAIL DWIGHT] Tim’s mother, she’s in her late 40s, poised and stalwart, convinced of her son’s good character but worried about him. She explains to Melinda that Tim’s stint in juvie was the result of Tim taking the rap for someone else…ONE-DAY GUEST STAR
Source: SpoilerTV

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Ghost Whisperer – Episode 4.15 – Greek Tragedy – Casting Call and Plotline


A sorority girl goes missing in the woods during a secret initiation ceremony, and Melinda is confronted with the uneasy spirit of a sad ghost who encountered tragedy during that same ritual 40 years ago..[EMILY HARRIS]
This attractive 21 year old, college sorority girl is the ringleader of a secret initiation ritual in the woods that is specifically designed to terrorize the sorority’s young pledges. Emily has a frictional relationship with her sister, Courtney, a pretty, popular pledge whom she seems reluctant to let into the sorority. When Courtney goes missing in the woods, Emily is sincerely distraught. As we later learn, Emily truly loves Courtney and was actually trying to make the initiation easier for her. However, their long-standing mistrust of one another almost results in tragedy…GUEST STAR

Emily’s younger sister 18 years old (must be a legal 18 years old), this college freshman is a pretty, popular, smart girl who is in demand at every sorority on campus. She wants to pledge her sister’s sorority, but Emily seems oddly reluctant to admit her. When Courtney goes missing during an initiation ritual in the woods, her disappearance triggers a massive manhunt, but whether she has survived her terrifying time in the wilderness remains to be seen…GUEST STAR
Source: SpoilerTV

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