Ghost Whisperer Spoilers, Reactions, & Preview: “Heart & Soul”

After watching last night episode, I can personally say the show has come very close to jumping the shark. It is just so weird the direction the producers have chosen to go.  Of course it was not necessary to kill Jim in the first place, and if David Conrad wanted more room for other projects, they could have just given him a little less screen time. As long as he was alive and married to Melinda that’s all that mattered to us fans.

And if they chose to kill him there were other ways to go. There were so many loose ends with all the earth bound spirits Gabriel collected, the underground Grandview, and the symbols that lead to Jim’s death, why go with this story line.? And if they chose to kill Jim, he SHOULD have remained a ghost, guiding Melinda through the various loose ends the show just dropped. There have been romantic stories/films done with a ghost and it would have at least more believable. But Jim inhabiting someone else’s body, it just makes the whole story unbelievable. Ghost Whisperer was scary because it seems real, believable, and plausible.

And why if Jim could inhabit a dead body, why not at least his own, even if it would have seemed like Supernatural.  When the ratings will dip, the writers will have to back track, a dream or NIGHTMARE might be the only way to go, because as of now it’s a mess, and it’s definitely NOT romantic to see Melinda getting so close to this Sam, so soon after Jim’s death, even if Jim’s soul is in that other man’s body somewhere….

Of course another way to get out of this all, will be when Sam’s spirit wants his body back, and he will. Did we see go into the light night, No! So that might be a battle at the end of the season, which might be too late for this once gem of a show.

Ghost Whisperer saw 11.67 million total viewers (up six percent week-to-week) tune in for the big twist regarding Melinda’s husband, Jim. That’s good for yet another new season’s best. (The big question, of course, is how many return next Friday.) — TV Guide

Ghost Whisperer: The aftermath following Jim’s death

by Isabelle Carreau, TV Squad

Many of you were pretty vocal after watching last week’s episode of Ghost Whisperer. Based on the comments left to my “Reactions to Ghost Whisperer’s big twist” post, it was clear that the majority was not pleased with Jim’s death and a lot of you claimed you would never watch the series again! My guess is that many of you tuned in this week anyway to see what would happen to Jim. Would he cross over? Would he stay in between? Would he wake up and discover it was all a dream? Would he find a way to be alive again?

Ghost Whisperer

Sadly, the answer, for now, takes the form of actor Kenneth Mitchell.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Kenneth Mitchell. However, his role on the show makes me an unhappy GW fan and I’m sure I’m not alone feeling this way. I took a peek at spoilers for the upcoming episodes and I can confirm that Mitchell will appear in at least 5 episodes as Sam Lucas, the man Jim took over.

As you know, even if I would prefer no character dies, I’ve been looking forward to Jim’s death as it could provide insight about how the ghosts live. It did give us a glimpse at the ghost world but all these tidbits were overshadowed by the WTF? OMG! ending of the episode. What are the writers thinking? Do the show’s creators really believe fans will accept Sam “Jim 2.0” Lucas especially if he suffers from memory loss as hinted at the end of this week’s episode?

I’m “thisclose” to saying that Ghost Whisperer officially jumped the shark with this storyline. Because Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad had great chemistry and portrayed one of the best couples on TV nowadays, I doubt fans of the show (and I include myself in this) will welcome Kenneth Mitchell with open arms. The only way we may accept this change is if David Conrad also portrays Sam Lucas so that sometimes we see Sam as David Conrad and other times as Mitchell. That way, we still have our weekly Conrad fix until they find an official way to have Jim be Jim again.

I truly hope the writers and creators know what they are doing because they entered “jumping shark” waters and may not be able to get out of it, which could hurt the show a lot!

What do you think of the episode ending? Will you continue watching the show or are you officially done with it? Get your crystal ball out and let us know what you think will happen next on the show for Melinda and Jim/Jim 2.0.

Ghost Whisperer’ episode 4.08 shows Melinda dealing with a man who has an amnesia, and the possibility of finding a new love.

A new clip and preview of the next episode of “” have been released. With the title “Heart & Soul”, both sneak peeks hint on Melinda Gordon’s second chance to fall in love again.

The preview of episode 4.08 features Melinda played by struggling hard to recover herself after the dead of his husband Jim Clancy portrayed by David Conrad. While doing so, she finds the urge to help a man, who is suffering from amnesia, to gain back his lost memory.

“Ghost Whisperer” is drama fantasy thriller series that follows the life of Melinda Gordon, a young woman who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. The series was premiered on September 23 in 2005 and currently is in its fourth season.

Guest starring Kenneth Mitchell and Ellen Woglom, the next episode of “Ghost Whisperer” is scheduled to air on November 21 at 8/7c on CBS. — Ace Showbiz

Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap: “Threshold”


‘Ghost Whisperer’: No, he’s really dead

Since it happened last week, I’m not counting this as a spoiler: yes, Jim is indeed dead. He is no more! He has ceased to be! He’s expired… but not quite gone to meet his maker.  Ah, yes, therein lies our episode of Ghost Whisperer tonight. For years, we’ve watched Melinda work to cross ghosts over. It’s her way in the world – find a ghost, cross it over. But what if the ghost is her soulmate, and he has no intention of going anywhere?

Jim is indeed dead. We open on him in the afterlife, greeting his big brother Dan, who tells him he’s been waiting for hours – or years, who knows – at the families’ favorite fishing hole. Dan wants to cross over with him to meet their father together, but Jim doesn’t want to follow him into the light. He only wants to see Melinda again, and he refuses to leave her. Behind the fishing dock is their living room…

Jim returns to their house, haunted by visions of he and Melinda at their wedding, his own death, and then ending with Melinda in their kitchen with Delia. Melinda says she hasn’t seen Jim for two days, even though Jim is right there. Another spirit appears, a young woman in a bathrobe, and Melinda isn’t able to see her either. The spirit throws an apple and disappears.

The next morning, Jim’s mom arrives at the house. Jim touches her face, and she breaks down in tears. The fishing hole appears again, out of nowhere, nice ghostly moving between time and space, very Beetlejuice, and Dan tells him again that it’s time for Jim to pass on. He also tells Jim that Melinda’s grief is so strong, it’s blocking her gift; the veil between her and the dead is strengthened by her personal emotion. Dan tells him that if he doesn’t cross over soon, there won’t be a choice, and that Dan won’t be able to wait much longer.

Back to Melinda, who is speaking out loud to Jim. Jim tries to answer, and give her a sign, but he’s unable to do anything. However, the other spirit is able. She begins to destroy all of the crystal in the china cabinet while Jim looks on. The spirit throws a fork, yelling “I would if I could,” narrowly missing Melinda’s head. She mistakenly thinks it’s Jim, who desperately tries to get her to hear him.

The next day, at the funeral home, Jim watches his friends gather (and remarks “nice turnout”.) Tim, Jim’s old friend, gets up to deliver the eulogy, and starts out by saying he was going to talk about the loss of Jim, but instead, all he can think of is what they all gained by having Jim in their lives. He then puts on “Good Lovin'” by The Young Rascals.  No, seriously. And everyone gets up and dances. While it could have been a touching moment, they could have chosen a true “rockin’ song,” a song from after Jim was born, but whatever. It’s touching. Yadda yadda.

During the ensuing dance party, Melinda finds a moment of joy, and then can see Jim.

That night, Melinda tells him that he has to cross over. Jim says that he doesn’t want to, and that he thinks it may be better if he stays. Melinda tells him that it’s part of her gift, to help him cross over, no matter what. He also tells her that she has another ghost haunting her. Later, Jim’s mom heads home, and she tells Melinda that she feels lighter, and happier, no matter how she should feel. Jim tells Melinda to say that he wants everyone to be happy, and with that, and a hug, she leaves. Jim then sees angry bathrobe spirit again, and jumping through space and time (cool spirit trick, that) follows her back to a room where she is yelling at an unknown man. He returns home to Melinda.

Melinda tells Jim again that he needs to cross over, that it’s not right. Jim tells her that being together in this new way has to be better than never seeing each other again – and Melinda says that while she’d like nothing more than to stay in the house with him forever, it’s not meant to be. It’s their “fork in the road” until they meet again. Jim refuses, saying that his road is with her, and he can’t let it go just because he’s dead. Melinda tells him she doesn’t want him coming around anymore, and that if he really does love her, he’d cross over, and save her the constant pain.

After leaving Jim, Melinda then sees the other spirit, who insists that she has to help “him” and then rips out a chunk of her own hair. Off duty from spirit-helping or not, that’ll get you noticed.

Jim then heads to Eli’s and has a little ghostly fun waking him up. Jim tells Eli that Melinda has all but thrown him out in order to get him to cross over, but he’s worried for her safety with the other ghost hanging around. He says that until she’s out of the picture, he isn’t crossing over. And all Eli needs to do Jenniferlovehewitt_ghostwhisperer_cis help Melinda out.

Eli tries to convince Melinda to understand Jim’s point of view, and he says he just wants to help her, and help the ghost too. Melinda then says that she can’t do it – she wants nothing to do with ghosts, period.

Meanwhile, back at the fishing hole, Dan tries yet again to get Jim to understand what’s happening, and he says he’s crossing over without him. Jim again refuses, even after seeing his father in the light. Dan, however, crosses over, leaving Jim in the lonely dark.

The bathrobe spirit isn’t leaving Melinda alone, and she’s becoming more insistent. Melinda, even through her own grief, asks her what has happened, and the spirit says that she hurt her stepdad, and that she, in some way, is the reason for Jim’s death. Melinda heads to Eli for help, and he breaks down the ghost’s appearance pointing to anorexia. While Eli tries to get information at the hospital, Jim appears and helps Eli with the spying. Handy ghosting again. When the nurse looks up recent deaths from anorexia, Jim reads the names, finding a Caitlin Mahoney. While he’s there, Jim watches a man die, and head into the light. He then touches the body briefly, and trembles when the hand briefly reanimates. Creepy.

At the same time, Eli and Melinda head to one of the addresses Jim got off the computer, and Melinda sees a man. Without us seeing him, Melinda approaches him and says “remember me?” That night, Melinda asks Jim to come back, and Melinda tells him all about Caitlin, and who her stepdad is. He’s one of Jim’s policeman friends, Carl Neely, the detective who shot Jim. He returned to work after Caitlin’s death to work through his own grief.  In truth, he shouldn’t have been back on the job yet.

Melinda tells Carl that she doesn’t blame him for Jim’s death, and that Caitlin is watching him, and wants him to be ok. When Melinda tries to explain Caitlin’s point of view to Carl, she ends up telling Jim how their love was real, and that their kind of love never goes away, but just becomes stronger. Jim tells Carl that he doesn’t blame him either. Caitlin heads into the light, and before she goes, she tries to get Jim to go too. He tells her “not quite yet.”

After Melinda leaves, Jim appears to her in her car as she’s stuck in traffic at the scene of an accident. She tells him he needs to do the right thing, and he replies, “I know.” He looks out onto the accident and disappears. Melinda chases him into the people surrounding the accident, and after a spirit leaves one of the victims, Jim jumps into the body. Melinda yells “Jim, you’re back!” only to have The Body/Jim reply “do I know you?” Well, that’ll make things more difficult from this point on for the soulmates.

Thoughts and musings:

Well, I don’t really have any specific glib thoughts. I’m weirded out by this whole thing. The writers and producers swear up and down that David Conrad isn’t going anywhere, but this is what we get? The teaser implied that Melinda gets a second chance with The Body/Jim from this point on, but I can’t see that working out. Doesn’t that too go against Melinda’s nature? Is this how she’s going to have a baby, and if so, eww? I agree that this twist will indeed make for some meatier plot lines for David Conrad and Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I can’t help but think the shark is circling the waters for Ghost Whisperer. Le sigh.

Seriously. “Good Lovin'”?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: How Long is Denny Back For?!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Scoop: How Long is Denny Back For?!

by Michael Ausiello, EW

Jeffreydeanmorgan_lBased on the flood of e-mails I’ve received in the past 18 hours with subject lines like, “WTF Denny!” and “OMFG Denny!” one or two (zillion) of you were surprised to learn that the late, lamented Denny’s return to Grey’s Anatomy did not end where it began last week.

Let me try and put it in perspective for you: Denny?! Seriously?!

When I broke the news last month that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be popping up in the Nov. 6 episode, I was led to believe that it was just for that episode. Now, of course, it’s obvious that not only is the dearly departed sticking around for the foreseeable future, but he’s also the surprising Izzie suitor that series creator Shonda Rhimes teased over the summer.

“Izzie’s got a love story, and it’s a big one,” she told TV Guide back in August, “one that I’ve been kicking around in my head for a bit, one that required me to take a huge leap of faith in myself, one that is so secret that I have not told anyone. Not the writers, not anyone.”

Now that we all know, the big questions: How long will Denny continue to haunt Izzie? And where the heck is this story going? Although I haven’t been able to nail down the exact length of Morgan’s new lease on life, I’m told he’ll be in at least five episodes. As far as where the story is headed, the most logical theory is that Rhimes is giving Izzie a brain tumor, which if inoperable would grant Katherine Heigl’s (alleged) wish to go make movies full time.

But who says this story has to be logical? As Grey’s writer Stacy McKee opined at, “Maybe this is one connection that gets to defy all… common sense. Maybe it just gets to be. Even if it does seem too good to be true.”

But is it too good to be true? Um, is it good at all? Or is it so preposterous and so decidedly not Grey’s that Izzie’s next patient is likely to be the shark that she just jumped? Me, I’m somewhere in the middle right now. But where are you? If the show starts to resemble Supernatural Anatomy (or, if you prefer, Grey’s Whisperer), will it still be appointment TV for you? Share below!

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