Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “Going Once…Going Twice”

As the episode kicks off, we learn that not only has Scotty recently been getting press for his work at the restaurant, but that he has also been promoted to Head Chef. Kevin, delighted at the news, quickly informs Sarah that the dinner party she is throwing in his honor will be a promotion celebration. While Kevin and Scotty think about the future in a larger place, however, Kevin realizes just what he’s given up to become a government employee: money. Seventy-five percent of his former salary to be exact. Ouch.

Kevin, however, talks Nora, who is preparing to bid on houses for her center, into letting him tag along to the auction as her “financial advisor.” Once there, he pesters her with questions about how well she checked into the two properties she has in mind and advises her not to be hasty (“Read the room,” he says), so much so that the first house is sold right in front of her without Nora’s paddle ever making it into the air. No biggie, there’s still one left. That is, until Kevin pulls the same stunt again, only this time, it’s talk of him buying a house that is the distraction. And before either of them know it, Kevin’s paddle goes up, and he is the new owner of Nora’s mansion. You could see the blood start boiling almost immediately….read more

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